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by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

Was Joseline Hernandez on crack during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion? That's the allegation made in a new lawsuit by fellow cast member Althea Eaton.

If you watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 18, or part one of the three-part reunion special on VH1, you saw glimpses of what's to come.

Raw video of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight also surfaced earlier this summer during the New York City taping, and it is insane. In. Sane.

Althea Eaton, Benzino's fiancee, claims Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J's quote-quote fiancee, had been smoking crack out of a pipe on the premises.

It's Joseline who is seen on tape as the aggressor in the reunion brawl, punching Althea in the face, dragging her to the ground, scratching her, etc.

Almost everyone got involved in the melee, but it was Joseline who blew up, and Althea wants her to be held accountable for her (alleged) crack attack.

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by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

How often have we been told to expect a death on this blasted show? Many times. 

How many times will someone come close to losing their life in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12? More than one. 

It's revealed that somebody knew about Bethany Young but that's not the same person who is arrested for her murder. People, things are frakkin' crazy and with so much blood at the end, you expect someone to be dead.

Guess what?! Someone IS DEAD. And THERE IS A BODY.

You will react. You will cry. You will pound your fists and wonder why. Find out what all the buzz is about when you watch Pretty Little Liars online!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

What happens when Abby decides to switch things up during a competition between the Elite and Select Teams?

Find out on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 23 because crazy swapped Elite's Chloe and Christie for Select's Jade and Loree driving everyone to a frenzy as they compete to make the best impression on Abby.

Ava and Jeannette got a chance to strut their stuff in solos against Maddie. Anybody else hoping at least one of them gets the better of Maddie?

Find out how it all went down when you watch Dance Moms online!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

We might forget sometimes, but Kaley Cuoco isn't just an Instagram celebrity.

She's also a professional actress with a role on an inexplicably popular sitcom. 

Kaley just signed a $90 million contract for three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory, but the perks don't end there.

Yes, even though she wasn't nominated for anything Kaley and her golddigger​ ex-tennis pro husband Ryan Sweeting got to attend the 2014 Emmys last night.

And don't worry, she documented every second of it for her millions of Instagram followers:

There's Kaley posing in her dress in the backyard like she's off to prom! Kaley with Jim Parsons! Ryan Sweeting tossing back drinks (of course)!

Yes, Kaley had a good time at the Emmys. Although, when you're not yet 30 and you're about to pull in close to nine figures, isn't pretty much everything a good time?

by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

If your idea of a good TV show is former gold diggers who have recently parted ways with famous entertainers talking smack to each other, you are in luck.

Follow the link to watch Atlanta Exes online. Your day? MADE.

The one-time squeezes of Usher, Ne-Yo and others have come together in this watershed television experiment in shade throwing. Straight from the Dirty South.

Emphasis on dirty. These women do not fight clean. At all.

Monday night on Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 3, Christina actually tried to bring the feuding parties together after Tameka's event turned ugly.

Poor, naive Christina. You think you stand any chance?

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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

if you've been watching the show's inaugural season, then you know that Bachelor in Paradise features more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan crazy straw.

Even so, we don't think anyone expected the surprises in last night's episode. 

Of course, Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 4 was just the first installment of a two-part EVENT that concludes tonight, so we don't even have time to catch our breath.

If you missed a moment of the action, you'll definitely want to watch Bachelor in Paradise online before tonight:

If you saw the episode, then you already know that the highlight was another round of the most unexpectedly entertaining reality feud of the summer.

Yes, we're talking about the ongoing war between AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley.

Last night, AshLee was engaging in some serious anti-Clare slut-shaming when she realized to her horror that she was being filmed by hidden cameras.

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! 

Will the good girl gone bad be able to recover tonight? We have our doubts, but only time will tell!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

The 2014 Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles last night, and while the winners may have been as predictable as usual (the Academy really, really loves Modern Family) the red carpet still packed plenty of surprises.

The boldest choices of the night were a mixed bag, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson rocking color-coordinated outfits that brought to mind A Night at the Roxbury and Lena Dunham...

Well, we're not sure how to describe Lena's get-up. We're sure it would've been a lovely dress had she not waded through that puddle of tie-dye on the way to the ceremony.

Some non-shockers: Sarah Silverman and Sofia Vergara looked gorgeous; Aaron Paul was hyper on the red carpet; and Bryan Cranston might be the only man alive in 2014 who can pull off a Clark Gabke pencil-thin mustache. 

Check out the rest of the hits and misses in the gallery above. And if you're wondering who won our lost the big awards - just know that it was pretty much the same as the 2013 Emmys.

by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

The ladies (term used loosely) of The Real Housewives of Orange County assembled last night on the Bravo stage for the first of their three-part reunion special.

Did The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 19 live up to its billing? Yes, if you like rehashing old fights. No, if you want chairs thrown.

While Tamra Barney was in the crosshairs (and looking like she was ready to murder someone), Terry and Heather Dubrow were the center of most of the drama.

Specifically, Heather's beef with Shannon Beador and Terry's subsequent argument with David Beador were brought up and beaten like a dead horse.

An entertaining horse, yes, but an uncomfortable and deader than dead one.

Not that it wasn't without some gems. When these five women and their men get together on a stage, the fireworks are guaranteed to fly. And they did.

Follow the link to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online now:

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

The MTV VMAs have come and gone once again, and while we may not have been blessed with anything quite as memorable as the now-infamous Miley Cyrus twerk-fest of 2013, we were, as always, treated to some unforgettable fashion.

Yes, the fashions of the 2014 VMAs were the usual mix of bold, brilliant, and barely there, with some ungodly assaults on our eyeballs thrown in for good measure.

This year's Image That's Forever Seared Into Our Retinas For Better or Worse Award goes to the nearly nude Amber Rose who looked gorgeous as always, but we can't help but feel she could've maintained a shred of dignity by leaving a little something to the imagination. 

And of course, the annual Aw, The Poor Thing Doesn't Have Any Lights in Her Dressing Room...Someone Get This Girl a Bulb! Award goes to Katy Perry. 

Not only did her all-denim monstrosity have us worried about her eyesight, the fact that Katy brought Riff Raff as her date has us concerned about her mental health. Not good, KP.

Check out the gallery above for the rest of the good, the bad, the profoundly skanky. 

by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 19 saw less drama than we're used to from the fab four, but just because no fists or f-bombs flew doesn't mean it was smooth sailing:

  • Kailyn Lowry's estranged mom made an appearance, although her storyline was most notable for the progress she made with Jo and Vee.
  • Chelsea Houska got her beautician license, but her positive storyline was marred slightly (as always) by the fact that Adam Lind exists.
  • Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer's current husband, feels her previous husband Corey Simms is still too lax when it comes to Ali's wheelchair.
  • On the plus side, he's at least coming around to it slowly but surely, it seems, after living in denial that she even needed the thing for a time.
  • What looked like it could get most ugly on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 19 did not. Jenelle Evans' divorce from Courtland Rogers will proceed.

To see all this play out and much more, watch Teen Mom 2 online to see the installment in full, and catch up on past episodes of the MTV hit at TV Fanatic as well!

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