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32 New Naughty Vanessa Hudgens Photos Surface

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It was being reported earlier today that Vanessa Hudgens may have leaked her own nude photos onto the net. Now 32 new naughty candids are making the rounds, lest anyone still think that Hudgens is Miss Goody Two Shoes. Most of the pictures are harmless teenage fun and others get quite raunchy.

To view photos continue reading this post.

  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 2
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 3
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 4
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 5
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 7
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 8
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 9
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 11
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 12
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 14
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 15
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 16
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 17
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 18
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 19
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 20
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 21
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 22
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 23
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 24
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 25
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 26
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 27
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 28
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 29
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 30
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 31
  • vanessa hudgens personal photos 32

The naughty undies photos can be seen HERE

We did not post a few of the raunchier photos but they can be seen HERE

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    SHe can do wahtever she wanrts but in private
    it's not her fualt though


    BIG DEAL! She's human! She likes to play around and have fun just like everyone else! just like me! The only reason you're upset is because she's famous and supposedly a role model. Let the girl breath people!



    hi there guys!i don't believe wat ur saying about vanessa!!she is my idol and my role model..i love how she sing,dance and the way how she act..she is so nice!!i love her..and i hate those people who's hate vanessa!!vanessa is a simple,sweet girl..!!and we all knew it..zac loves vanessa so much..he wud never let others to hurt the feelings of vanessa..vanessa is so sweet..and she is nice..on the very first moment i saw her..i idolized her so much..i'm always dreaming to see her soon in personal..but..those pictures!?!it's so unbelieveable!!and i know that she is just enjoying and she is just a girl!!!and there's no wrong about wat vanessa's sister tell..she is a really good model to each and everyone!!and i love her so much!!!!!!that's all..and hope you guys understand vanessa's situation..=)just support her in any aspects she wants!!!


    sum of those pikz arent bad AT ALL...shes a normal girl except more people no who she is and she makes alot of money...the only piks that r bad is the FULLY naked 1s...other than that she did NOTHING rong....


    I don't really CARE if people say, "Those pictures should not be published." It's her fault for taking them. If you don't want them to get RELEASED, not leaked, to the rest of the world, all she had to do was tell herself not to take any naughty pictures in the first place, and we would not be in this situation.

    Also, to Christina D, you have no idea how right you are. The only reason little girls look up to Vanessa is because she played a fictional character in a Disney musical, and now she's all of a sudden more SPECIAL than other girls who are MUCH more talented than she is. Then Vanessa decides that it'll be cool, maybe fun, and maybe good for her boyfriend to take a few naughty pictures. Knowing her, she released them on the internet, declaring, "Hey, guys, this is the REAL Vanessa!" And anyways, even if that was not how it happened, when she sent those pictures to any guy, that guy probably did the RESPONSIBLE thing and reported the pictures, or showed them to some angry parents. All I'm saying is that she's irresponsible, and she should have thought TWICE before doing something so ridiculous.


    Hey angusjjjj so what if you don't want the woulf to see them don't take them.


    Guys. You might not know this but these pictures were curculated by a hacker. A guy (cops haven't caught him yet) managed to hack into the laptop in Vanessa's Caravan and searched through her documents, found the pics, then downloaded them and started to circulate. it's know one's fult but that sick man!!! All girls take photos like that and expect no-one to ever find out. They do it for fun, and for privacy. It's not her fault, I bet she REALLY wouldn't want those to of gotten out if she had the choice!


    Well there is no point of keeping them all secret. These days the paparazzi find out really quick before its time! She does have a normal life to you know. You saying there just diacusting your just being really mean. Now a days its like illegal for celebs to have there pwn way. Twll me would you like it if you was bossed about like that and people saying nasty comments to you. I Know the nde pics where VERY RONG I HAFTO AGREE!!!!! She can swear if she wants to she can do what ever she likes. Yes you may not like it but it hasnt stopped Vanessa from being herself!!!? She is still the same and pictures dont change a thing so why dont you all shut your mouth and get on with inportant things in life ?! Not being mean to somebody else !!!!!!


    All those girls are jealous who call you names but dont worry youll always look beautiful your eyes are the main thing i liked.


    Oh please. To parents who don't think their teenagers do stuff like this: think again.
    To parents who don't think their preteens will: think again.
    It's realy not that big of a deal. 99% of the people in my school take pictures like this, go out half naked for events (like rocky horror picture show... or just halloween), etc.
    It's not really a big deal.

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