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Uncensored Version of "Gimme More" Features Topless Britney

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The unedited version of Britney Spears "Gimme More" video is rough and low quality. The video features Britney in dual roles. A dark haired, topless Britney gyrates around a pole exposing her tattoo covered nipples, as a blonde haired, innocent-looking Britney watches.

I am no longer shocked by anything Britney Spears does. Gimme more? I don't think so.

UPDATE: Britney Spears topless photos from "Gimme More" hit the net.


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high quality version..


What's the scratching sound in the background?
I heard of the small stupid news.
Someone must have recorded this from their screen! 8-)
How did they get it?? Wow!
Hehe, everyone is going topless in photo-shoots and music videos-that's not R/MA/XXX, you morons!
If Janet Jackson can do it, why can't she?
Like she can get any hotter! 8-)
I didn't see 'anything' (showing breasts) and thought it was a trick-until 1:51 (minutes left)!
OMFG, she Is a stripper! Like she needs the money, WTF?? Ho for a mum?
I keep making excuses for Britney, but she knows what she's doing, she can't be That dumb! me, check out my photos and videos!
This is the explicit version of the sample music video (like 'Toxic' karaoke and Holly Valance 'Kiss Kiss'-but she's covering up with some modesty, the sexy cheeky Brit!)
OMG, and at 1:04 (backwards) she's got big rest stars on her nippled-like XTina did!
Hot video and keep it to that-that's what it's good for!
Thanks to search engines and this website for showing me it from YouTube-it said it was deleted!
Hehe, look at her looking all sexy and evil (0:23).... Rowr! Gimme More!
It also looks like at the end she's doing a Kylie and putting her leg up in the air-but it was someone else's arm! LoL! :-P


[...] Britney Spears topless “Gimme More” video - BB [...]


Nice sexy video needs more nipple.