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50 Cent Buys Ciara a Lamborghini

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50 Cent and Ciara on "Curtis" Album Cover

Rapper 50 Centreportedly bought girlfriend Ciara a brand new red Lamborghini for her birthday. Ciara turned 22 on Thursday.

50 and Ciara met while working on her single "Can't Leave 'Em Alone."

Now that's some birthday gift!

View Ciara ft 50 Cent "Can't Leave 'Em Alone" video below.

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This is awesome. I am so excited that there are a bunch of other Lambo enthusiasts out there! When I first started out in the auto industry I didn't have much money so I stuck with buying used BMW's such as the M3. However, once I started earning bigtime I switched to Lamborghini and I haven't looked back! I can't wait for the Lamborghini Estoque and its confirmation for 2011 production!


I love them both. I love Ciara as a performer, she's my idol and I love 50 cent agrogance and cockiness. You gotta love them both. Im happy for them.


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