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Faith Hill Helps Puffy Husband Tim McGraw Stand

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The always gorgeous Faith Hill looks to be helping her husband Tim McGraw stand up. When did McGraw's face get so puffy - you can hardly tell if his eyes are open.

The country power couple were at the BMI Country Awards.


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And now we all know this was during the time Tim was gaining and losing weight for his part in Four Christmases... She's not helping him stand and he's not wasted.


I think this picture proves nothing.For some reason he looks to me to be a little embarrassed at the way she is holding him. that is all I see. this couple are great together and apart and for the record,she was joking with the camera man when Carries name was called. she has apologized for people misreading her. and she had every right to yell at the fan for touch ing her husband, so she said one bad word,big deal. she had a right to stand by her man. this couple is doing just fine.


I think there are a lot of problems here. Maybe these problems for the 40 year old couple may be why they were not nominated for Best Vocalist or any big award on the recent CMA Awards. Of course, last year Mrs. Faith Hill (she keeps her first husband's name, Daniel Hill, marriage of 7 years) threw a mean hissy fit when 21 yr old Carrie Underwood beat her out for Best Female Vocalist. Hill showed her teeth and screamed into the camera, what a Poor Loser. Then her picture on the cover of Redbook magazine was altered drastically, to make her look young and skinny like Carrie Underwood. Then Mrs. Hill screamed at a nervy fan who touched her second husband, Tim McGraw at a concert. She used gutter languange instead of having security handle it. She used security to go to the funeral of her real mother, why couldnt she use security at a large concert?? I think the tinsel is starting to tarnish for this couple, something is unraveling and I am sure there is more to come.


Poor Tim. He looks wasted and like he's been on a drinking binge lately. He needs to bring sexy back!