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Kyla Ebbert in Playboy (Photos and Video)

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kyla ebbert

23-year-old college student Kyla Ebbert is cashing in on her Southwest Airlines debacle and posing nude for Playboy magazine.

Kyla found herself in the middle of a media storm when she was pulled off a Southwest Airlines flight by an employee who thought her outfit was too revealing. After a few adjustments and some humiliation, Ebbert was allowed back on the flight and stayed covered under a blanket.

Wearing the tank top, sweater and miniskirt that almost got her booted off the flight, Kyla made television appearances on "The Today Show," "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and "The Dr. Phil Show," blasting the airline.

Ebbert wears even less for her debut on Playboy's website in photo spread.

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So Kyla wants to go to law school. Well she's on the right track...first stop stop stripper weekends in Las Vegas (courtsey of Southwest Airlines of course)...then it's off to Chatsworth for a few porn cameos...then off to law school. Mom must be so proud.


my dream woman~