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Ahmad Rashad Marries Socialite Sale Johnson

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Ahmad Rashad, Emmy award winning sportscaster and former football wide receiver in the NFL started out partying hardy to celebrate his birthday and being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame and ended up getting married. Rashad married Sale Johnson, ex wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson.

Rashad also has a famous ex - Phylicia Rashad of The Bill Cosby Show fame. The newly married couple are well connected and shared their nuptials in the presence of Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, NBA Commissioner David Stern, Donald Trump, Carl and Martha Linder and Derek Jeter.

The happy couple were so caught up with excitement at Rashad's Hall of Fame induction party that suddenly they decided to tie the knot. Why waste a golden opportunity when you are surrounded by friends. Apparently things work differently in their social circles.

UPDATE:  January 4, 2010: Johnson's eldest daughter Casey was found dead in her Los Angeles home.  Casey, who was openly gay, had a history of problems with drugs and in November 2009, she was arrested and charged with the grand theft of more than $200,000 worth of jewelry from an ex-girlfriend's home.

Weeks later, Casey announced her engagement to reality TV star, Tila Tequila. The engagement was later found to be a publicity stunt by the women.  In early 2009, Sale Johnson took custody of Casey's young adopted daughter Ava, because Casey was living with the child, in squalor, and under the influence of drugs in her L.A. home.  Woody Johnson and Sale ceased all financial assistance to Casey at that time, and Casey became estranged from both of her parents.  See photos and full story here.

More photos in our gallery below.

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I don't give a damn what color either of them are, that's disgusting marrying and laying up with that hag.


He must need some money, she looks like shes 95 compared to him! but I guess love has no age limit!


More importantly - Casey had Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes. Combine that with drug and alcohol problems and not checking her blood glucose - and sadly, you can easily die from a diabetic coma - which she has been hospitalized for twice this year alone. May she rest in peace - her spirit certainly was not in peace on this earth.


whats his race got to do with his choice of spouse? Boy wave some dollars under a mans nose and they'll do anything. Even Bill Gates still works for the money, you sick racist pig.


The mother looks as old as sin so Ahmed the muslim clearly wanted to marry his mother. The daughter just overdosed or was killed by Tila which is my guess only if she was in her will. Boy wave some dollars under a black mans nose and they'll do Ahmad? I can see why the family is so screwed up, it's starts with Mom's choice of a husband. Bet Woody knows ole Sale is going to get torn up inside.


What the hell is he thinking is anyone else looking at this woman? But hey, he's th eone that has to sleep w/ her.