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News Anchor Cari Champion Fired For Allegedly Using the MF Word.

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Cari Champion, weekend news anchor for CBS affiliate TV station WGCL Channel 46 out of Atlanta has been fired for speaking into an open microphone while off camera. She and her co-anchor had cut to a commercial and she was sharing some words of wisdom. What did she utter? According to the dethroned Champion, she said Mothasucka. The station isn't buying it.

Apparently the loose lipped former anchor is going to fight the dismissal. She wants her TV gig back. Good luck with that.

Co-Worker is BUSTED! Did you even read the whole article my good friend?


There was no visual on the tape, so how did you SEE it?


I have seen the tape and she dropped the f-bomb. Rub your two brain cells together and keep it clean on the anchor desk. FIRED! End of story.


So, did they receive a letter in the following day???


I'm representing Cari Champion. Your blog says she was fired because she said MF. That is incorrect...please address the matter or you will receive a letter in the following day.