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by Andrea at . Comments

Australian motocross star Robbie Maddison successfully completed a 322 foot 7 1/2 inch motorcycle jump in Las Vegas on New Years Eve at the Rio Hotel and Casino, to beat the previous Guinness World Record of 277.6, and the non-certified record of 310.4. The jump was televised live on ESPN.

After successfully completing the jump, Maddison made another run, but only went 320 feet on the second attempt.

Maddison's jump was scheduled to take place just after the ball drop in Times Square, but was delayed due to the Clemson and Auburn football game, which went into overtime.

View video of Robbie Maddison's world record breaking motorcycle jump below.

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by Missy at . Comments
marla maples and andy baldewin

"The Bachelor" Andy Baldwin looks like he is staying very close to Marla Maples, the ex wife of Donald Trump. The two were seen looking very cozy ice skating in Central Park.

I think it is funny that the rink they were skating on is named after her creepy, overbearing ex-husband Donald Trump. Do you think Donald is bothered by the fact that both of his ex's are with way younger and I must say exceedingly handsome men.

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paris and k fed

Paris Hilton, former heiress to the Hilton fortune, is undoubtedly still reeling from the news that she has been dissed by the patriarch of her father's family. But why in the world would she pose for a photo with the likes of Kevin Federline?

This is truly a head shaker. Apparently the couple were in Las Vegas, each hosting a party. Word on the street is that they were seen whispering and laughing in a corner at some point that evening.

This whole scene is so preposterous that it makes one want to cringe. And truth be told, I don't know which of them needs to run fastest in the other direction.

We've got lots more pictures below.

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by Missy at . Comments
madonna ad david

Even though Madonna and Guy Richie's adoption of 2 year old David Banda is not yet final, they are already looking for another child to adopt.

The family plans to look for a little girl this time. While David is from Malawi, the red tape has made the adoption process anything but easy. This time they are going to search in Cambodia and evidently already have some aides looking for the right little girl.

It sounds like David's adoption is on track to be finalized soon. The social worker, who has spent time with Madonna and Guy in their home, believes that young Banda is adapting well and that it would not be in his best interest to be sent back to Malawi.

by Meg at . Comments
dick clark ryan seacrest fergie

Carrie Underwood will perform live at the Dick Clark 35th Edition New Years Rockin Eve at Time Square. Dick Clark will probably say a few words, but is not expected to take on a full hosting role. Ryan Seacrest and Fergie will be on hand to emcee the event and help the nation ring in 2008.

The ABC special will have some great entertainers on board, including Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, Akon, Sean Kingston, Natasha Bedingfield and Miley Cyrus. Maybe the young megastar will explain that famous girl kiss that is all over the Internet. Then again - maybe not.

The special will run 3-1/2 hours, beginning at 10:00pm eastern time.

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kate middleton

Royal watchers will be interested in the latest Kate Middleton photos. Frankly, we've not previously seen this side of Prince William's lady love.

We aren't even sure how this picture was captured, but leave it to the paparazzi to be resourceful and lurking behind every tree and bush.

We've also got a picture of the future Queen of England, at age six. The school picture shows young Kate in a parochial school uniform. It looks like she may have her hair pulled back in a ponytail. At first glance, she could be mistaken for a handsome young lad rather than a young girl.

Word from Daily Mail is that Kate has been spending the Christmas holiday in Barbados with her family but will be joining Prince William this evening to ring in the New Year.

Check out Kate at age six in the photo below. We've got another picture of the couple after an evening out on the town. We've noticed that William has a hard time keeping his eyes open after partying. Prince Harry could give him a few pointers - we're thinking.

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by Andrea at . Comments

2007 was quite the year for celebrity scandal. We saw Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minnillo playing with knives, an all new Paris Hilton sex tape, Britney Spears went bald and attacked with an umbrella, nude and naughty photos of Vanessa Hudgens hit the Net, we discovered Oscar de la Hoya likes to dress in drag and we saw Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil wandering the streets bloody and battered.

Heather Mills past caught up to her as racy photos of her were released in an x-rated magazine. Mills claimed the photos were topless modeling photos and not porn.

When 22-year-old stripper Milana Dravnel released photos of Oscar de la Hoya dressed in various drag costumes, the boxer claimed the pictures were Photoshopped. Dravnel claimed the world champion boxer liked to be dominated and insisted that she call him "Goldie."

lindsay lohan shocking 2007

When photos of Lindsay Lohan playing with knives surfaced on the Net, the most shocking part was when it was discovered that her knife-wielding buddy in the photos was Vanessa Minnillo.

by Andrea at . Comments
ashley tisdale and vanessa hudgens at mcdonalds

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were out for some chicken Mcnuggets at a Los Angeles McDonalds drive-thru on Saturday.

The McDonalds employee at the window was very excited to get her 15 minutes of fame (okay, more like 4 minutes), exclaiming "Put me on TMZ!"

The employee was disappointed when she learned the big stars she was about to serve were Hudgens and Tisdale. "Oh God, I thought it was somebody like Britney," she says dismissively.

"Wasn't she butt naked somewhere?" she asks about Vanessa.

She then tells Ashley she bought her backpack for her daughter for Christmas, just after referring to her as "whoever she is."

The McDonalds employee definitely upstages the giggly teenagers and takes full advantage of her one shot at fame.

View video below.

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by Andrea at . Comments
for the troops

I just want to say thank you so much for the brave men and women who are fighting for us overseas! I wish everyone a safe and speedy return.Best wishes,


for the troops sheryl

I would like to know how I can send letters to the troops, my brother and my sister both served in Iraq. Being from a Marine and Navy family, I would love to send some cards and letters, and start getting some penpals. Ive been trying to find this information out but have not had any luck, can you please tell me some troops that need some letters, and I would love to start writing to them. Thank you so much, and bless you.

Thank You,

Sheryl Craven

If anyone has addresses for soldiers who would like a pen pal, please email us at and we will pass along the info.

Many thanks!