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Nikki Catsouras "Porsche Girl" Died - Crash Photos Leaked by CHP

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Nikki Catsouras was just 18 years old last Halloween when she took her father's Porsche without permission and while driving 100 miles an hour clipped another car, lost control and slammed into a cement tollbooth. She was killed instantly. Her parent, Christos and Lesli Catsouras were devastated with grief and thought things could not get worse but that is where they were wrong.

Nikki's parents are suing California Highway Patrol for leaking accident scene photos that ended up all over the internet. The girls parents have been tormented by anonymous e-mail's that contain pictures of their daughter at the accident scene. One horrific photo shows the dead teen decapitated and still strapped in the front seat of her father's Porsche.

The pictures made their way to over 1,600 online websites. The family no longer uses the internet and has pulled their 16 year old daughter from school because they fear other students might confront her with the pictures. She is now being home schooled.

A judge in California ruled that the lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol could go forward. The CHP, in a letter to the Catsouras family, admitted that their dispatchers violated department policy but stated that they are not legally responsible for the pain and anguish that it caused the family. That won't be for the CHP to determine - but will be up to the courts to decide.

May 2, 2009 UPDATE:   The case has gotten renewed interest while the family awaits a legal ruling from the 4th District Court of Appeals that is due by June 1, 2009.  Their original case was dismissed in Orange County Superior Court.  The judge ruled that Nikki's right to privacy did not extend to her grieving family.  The court can uphold the findings or can send it back to trial.  The charges stem from the CHP leaked photos of the dead girl's body that were distributed widely on the internet.

We've included additional photos below.

BE FOREWARNED: More 'horrendously graphic' Nikki crash photos available here.


I think there should be NO lawsuit. I mean, THEIR DAUGHTER WAS DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED!!!!!!!!!! Who should be responsible for that? A quick buck isn't going to bring her back.

@ lorraine

You're an idiot, even if she was intoxicated it doesn't mean her parents should have to with her gruesome picture plastered all over the internet.


What if this girl was fat, poor, and ugly, would this case really matter as much as it has? What if she had killed the toll booth worker? What if she had made the other car driver die in that toll booth corner?
Honestly, these pictures are VERY educational, for the benefit of humanity and teaching young and dumb kids to think twice about stupid choices. The family should be happy how many young kids have been affected by these photos and have made them think twice!! Imagine how many lives these pictures have saved??? I thank the person for posting these photos! and I do feel empathy for the family.


Sorry? For what? An inconsiderate teen who made a series of poor judgements? Shame on the parents for raising a brat.


Live fast,die hard.


I'm sorry for her and her family, but travelling at 100 mph means 160 km/h and hitting a car must have decreased the speed a lot after crashing with the Toll Booth.


Sorry for the Catsouras family.


So why was this girl approaching a toll booth at 100 mph? Would her parents be so concerned about the toll booth workers if any were killed? Typical of wealthy people. It's all about them.


srry fur ur loss kids make stupid mistakes all the time and this was one of them. i cant talk shit on the picture takers cuz im looking at the photos maself cuz ppls told me about it during class. makes u think twice before doing something illegal. iv had two priors for reckless underage driving including crashing into local walmart trying to drift while stoned. just thankful i never killed anyone or got hurt myself. again srry fur ur loss but i agree with pandemonium


i dont think that it is too shocking to post these photos, when i was a kid i had to go to drivers ed and they showed us a movie called "red asphalt" to scare us into not bieng 18 year old retards on the road
Lifes tough and it gets tougher ,
to the family of this girl please let people use these photos for the benefit of huminaty for the use of letting young kids know that they are not immortal


That poor family. I just want you to know that my prayers are with you and hope that thngs get better. The sick people that put thoes pictures of that beautiful girl! Anyway that is so sad and my prayers are with you.