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Evan Rachel Wood Free to Marry Marilyn Manson

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marilyn manson

Over the top rocker, Brian H Warner aka Marilyn Manson, and the ever so classy burlesque performer, Heather R. Sweet aka Dita Von Teese, have finally been granted a divorce. What a load off Dita's mind that must be.

While you don't see Dita out on any dates in recent months, Manson has been seeing 20 year old Evan Rachel Wood for quite awhile. How would you like to be Wood's parents? Would you worry every time the phone rang....Dad I'm pregnant or Dad I am getting married.

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Good She doesn't deserve a hot and fun loving man like him I wish there were more men like him in the world. I want a guy like Him I find him very hot. Even with the makeup. Miss Woods you deserve him and if you do have kids I have a feeling your going to have to carry a bat with ya when there older expespecially if they have both of your looks. TTYL