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Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos

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Miley Cyrus had a sleepover recently. The fifteen year old and a friend were captured in photographs that have now surfaced on the Internet. One photo seems to show Miley and her friend kissing.

The 15 year old singer, who stars in the wildly popular Hannah Montana TV show, says that what they were really doing was exchanging a piece of candy. She doesn't think it's a big deal - but rather what happens at sleepovers. We've got the photos and you can decide for yourself.

We've got more pictures below.

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LOL comments are hilarious.


Omg! Yoo people are demented if yoo think theese pix are that bad. Its a sleep over of cores there gonna take pictures.


Pfft these are like any photos that happen at girls sleep overs. i wish people would just grow up.


leave her alone this is none of ur buisness so don't judge her life


racy? in underwear, but this? more like college photos lol


She is soo inbarising!! she is to young to be kissing nick !!!!


Leave her and my best friend always do that.i even do that with one of my guy friends and there is nothing going on. its not like she is going to get pregnant.


wow ppl are still on this lame-o's! plus she's 15 ppl make mistakes and mistakes are good cuz u learn from them now can you stop torturing the girl! it's just stupid! all these reporters and stuff do is annoy the hell out of these stars and make them lose some of their fans it's just ridiculous....


Not ME!!