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Britney Spears Nude Photos

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britney and adnan in palm desert

Britney Spears' new "friend" Adnan Ghalib must be highly disappointed in the price he got for the semi-nude photos he took of the pop star.

The agency Adnan works for, Finalpixx, reportedly received a paltry $57,000 by an Australian magazine for semi-nude pictures taken of Britney.

Finalpixx has issued a statement on their new website claiming that Britney and Adnan "ARE happily dating." They say that although Ghalib is married, he has been separated for over a year. They also claim Britney is "NOT using drugs."

According to the agency the two are enjoying a healthy, normal relationship. They deny that they have been shopping photos of Britney on Adnan's behalf.

It was reported earlier that Adnan was trying to broker a $1 million deal with Britney for nude photos.

I suppose we will have to wait and see what turns up in that Australian magazine. I'm sure this is not the last of this story. Can a sex tape be far behind?

UPDATE: Long-awaited and rumored topless picture of Britney have hit the net.  Click here to see the Britney Spears topless photos.

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all the above comments are gay. britney fan - loser. dont idolise anyone but yourself.
To sandra - who cares. gigi - why, you started losing me after the word window...quite amazing how bored you people are. true gossip at its best. MOVE ALONG PEOPLE. OVER HER, her lyrics are far from exceptional and like her counterpart PINk her performances are repetitive, unvisionary, and umm, very late 90's.


Britney Spears has a great comeback this year so photos should worth more.


I saw in the German press this morning that Britneys ex what-ever Jon Sundahl bought the pictures for $500,000 to protect her babies.


Ok, in the picture.... Is that a childs shoe hanging in the window? You dont think.....
That she ran over a random child and thats where his little show landed while she was sipping her coffee and lighting her cigarette????
Tell me its one of HER kids shoes that she pulled off his little foot in a violent struggle with the ...ahem...SANE one, KFED...who'd have thought? Kevin Federline the SANE one in the end?


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