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Maria Elena Holly vs. Peggy Sue

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peggy sue gerron vs buddy hollys widow

Peggy Sue Gerron (left) and Maria Elena Holly (right)

Maria Elena Holly, 62, the widow of the late rock and roll legend Buddy Holly, has made a career out of protecting her late husband's legacy, and she's not about to let some small town Texas woman named Peggy Sue tarnish his reputation.

Peggy Sue Gerron, 67, made famous by Holly's hit song "Peggy Sue" has written a book titled "Whaever Happened to Peggy Sue?" which she says is a memoir taken from about 150 diary entries made during the time she spent with Holly.

Maria Elena Holly claims the book is full of lies and that Buddy Holly never considered Peggy Sue a friend. She has instructed lawyers to oppose the publication of the book, which she says is unauthorized and will harm Holly's name, damage her reputation and the reputation of her company, Holly Properties, which collects royalties and governs the use of the musician's image.

The song that made the Lubbock, TX woman famous was originally titled "Cindy Lou" after Holly's niece, but Jerry Allison, the drummer of Holly's band, the Crickets, asked him to change the title and lyrics because he had a crush on Gerron at the time. Jerry and Peggy Sue were later married. Shortly after, Buddy Holly met Maria Elena Santiago, and they also married. Although the men remained friends, the relationship between the two women was always strained.

Gerron says she has every right to write her book, and that the potential lawsuit is "just another matter."

View a video of Buddy Holly and the Crickets performing "Peggy Sue" below.

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stupid computer.....anyways, let me write this again and please disregard my last post! This whole thing about Maria Elena being pregnant is pure crap. I have been doing a bit of research and have found 3 different sources with her stating that she was 2 weeks pregnant, that she was one month pregnant, and then yet another article (from the official Buddy site which SHE RAN before it was decommissioned!) where she states she was six months pregnant
when he died. I’m sorry, but any woman who has miscarried a child knows EXACTLY how far along they were when they lost their baby. If she was indeed pregnant, then she wouldn't be telling different stories all over the place. I am much more inclined to believe what Peggy Sue has to say in her book. In my opinion, Maria Elena should have absolutely no legal right to Buddy's name. She gave up that right when she got remarried. Give the legal rights to Travis and Larry, as well as all the freakin' money she's making off of Buddy.


Maria Elene makes me sick. Quit being GREEDY lady. If it wasn't for her there would be Buddy Holly festivals all over that people could enjoy but NOOOOOOOOOOOO. She needs to make big bucks and make it to where no one can afford to put on a festival. I've talked to Peggy Sue a few times and she is SUPER nice. I don't think she's making up lies. If anyone is lying it's Maria. She makes it sound like she knew Buddy so well. They weren't even married a year when he died.


Maria Elena is an old women now and is still acting like a child. Peggy Sue and her book is awesome! Maria Elena needs to come out with a book that tells "the truth" then. Remember, Buddy only knew Maria Elena for about 8 months and he knew Jerry and Peggy Sue for years. And there is not a song called "Maria Elena". She is just jealous of Peggy Sue and Buddys friendship. I bet that Buddy would have never imagined all of this drama over him nearly 50 years after his death. Charles Hardin Holley was the best musician EVER and will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Buddy.


What makes all of you so sure that this Peggy Sue is telling the truth and not in it to make a buck? Bottom line is Maria was married to him at the time of his death and has certain rights as his widow. And who in the do you people get off accusing Maria about lieing about being pregnant. How do you know? My final thought is I am sure Peggy Sue's husband knows the truth so that makes 3 people.


I think this thing about Maria Elena Holly Pregnant with Buddy's Child is made up to. Maria Elena Holly needs to go back to School and Learn to tell the Truth ! Make up Lies on a Story and its not Truth to. There are a lot of things we don't know to. That may have been made up by Maria Elena Holly to. Money is your God Maria Elena. Still backing you Peggy Sue Gerron.... Tell The Truth to us Please !


I think that everyone has the right to write what they want as long as there is truth to it. Truth is that Maria was older than Buddy Holly, in the above article she is younger than Peggy Sue... hmm??? 2nd Maria claims that she met Buddy after he wrote Peggy Sue, how does Maria know what happened before they met? The only two people that know what actually happened would be Peggy Sue and Buddy. Seems to me that if Maria doesnt get any financial compensation from the book or tarnish her own image then she's ready to sue anyone in the drop of a hat. Maria was married to Buddy for 6months!! She claims she never heard of him until he walked into the studio where she worked. Point is she really didnt know him at all. Im glad someone is finally standing up to Maria Elena!!


I think Peggy Sue Gerron should have the right to put out a Book to. She was there to.
Sueing is wrong Maria Elena !