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Kathryn Rogers 31, Rush Limbaugh's Girlfriend (Photos)

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rush limbaugh and mrs rush limbaugh kathryn rogers

Kathryn Rogers, age 31, is a West Palm Beach party planner and is currently working for the South Florida Super Bowl host committee. She has been dating 57 year old Rush Limbaugh for the past six months. The couple were photographed last weekend at a Miami fundraiser.

Limbaugh, radio talk show host and conservative political commentator, divorced his third wife Marta Fitzgerald in 2004. He has previously been romantically linked with former CNN Anchor Daryl Kagan.

Rush faced a scandal in 2003 when he was charged with doctor shopping in order to obtain addictive prescription medications. He entered rehab and eventually paid a $30,000 fine.

More photos below:

Photos:  WENN, PicApp

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I think Rush is handsome and Kathryn is very pretty and I wish them both the very best.


Katrynn is no dumb blonde and she is a direct decendant of John Adams. She has woked for the PGA and now works for the NFL so I'm sure Rush is delighted to have a woman with sports savvy. Go Rush! She is a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Smart men and powerful men are sexy. Look at who Donald Trump married.


Heres the all the responses on this.
I'd say its pretty obvious that after only dating 6 mos that she has her eye on his 400 million plus. It looks like a father and a daughter.
Still not convinced? How about this. If this guy were not wealthy or famous he would probably be married to someone his age, sorta like Archie Bunker and Edith.
He's not an idiot however, Im sure he knows what the relationship looks like: His mind is far more advanced than hers (59 vs 31) so he is probably not interested in hearing her talk to him. Hes in it for the sacktime and the public image. She is most likely not looking at him and thinking 'God yes. A fat opinionated blowhard' and getting all turned on. But that 400 mil really is a turn on for her all right. Shes thinking Mrs. Tiger Woods.
Both are getting something out of the relationship so its all good.


Congratulations Rush!!! Many people here forget that when good single people spend quality time together, love often results. Having that experience or foresight, would not one gravitate to what is pleasing to the eyes? If one wanted a child, does that not target a certain age range? These are the questions I pondered. At 52 years old (I look younger), I married the woman of my dreams who happened to be 29 years old. She is also the beautiful Princess of a People that I will not name here. She is no bimbo, nor am I materially wealthy. Do you think it was my shortcomings that attracted her? No! Veni, Vidi, Vici..with love. Once we were looking through eyes of love, we started looking at each others souls; we were hooked. I wish everyone that marries with love in their hearts the very best; including Rush Limbaugh III. Marry with love; never forget it, and remain together forever.


for the haters,,be patient.The younger women and the Viagra to help him, the ranting a raving... of nonsense, the drugs..the up & down weight loss...It will all come to a boiling point soon..and be his downfall


I predict that she will be the downfall of Rush


Could it be that many of you lot are just a tad jealous?
Rush lives in a grand mansion, He has a private jet in which he and his staff can be piloted anywhere at anytime he wishes. He has an income of over thirty million dollars a year. ......And now the piece de resistance, Ta Rah! A gorgeous Wife! That is simply a small sample of Rush Limbaugh's lifestyle while you saps that I am looking in at here are twisted and bent out of shape with pure unadulterated unbridled jealousy due to the fact that your lives are just BLAH.


He has put himself in the public spotlight as a flaming conservative. 4 marriages doesn't sound to conservative to me. Of course one could say other things and make excuses for bad behavior but it was him who open the garbage sack to his own life. Boy does it stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps - I believe the former girlfriend's name was "Daryn" Kagen, not Darel. (not sure of spelling)


DITTO, carol. I have lost my respect for him. I've retained my principles @ his age; I'm disappointed he has not (in his personal life).

@ nana

Really nana....what business is it of yours or anyone else's of who he marries? And for that, you lose respect for him? Does that mean if I think your husband is an idiot, I therefore have lost respect for you????? What kind of principles have you retained? None that I can see......other than judging someone. GET A LIFE!