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Miley Cyrus Drinks Ketchup on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Video)

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Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus visited with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, and Billy Ray announced that he will be the host of Nashville Star this summer.

But that's not the big story.

Miley expressed her love for ketchup, saying she drinks it straight from the bottle, declaring "it's a liquid, technically." When presented with a squeeze bottle of Heinz ketchup, Miley squirted her mouth full and swallowed, telling Leno that ketchup is a fruit and it's healthy.

Ketchup is a fruit and it's healthy? Who knew? I guess that makes french fries a vegetable, technically. So I'm good to go on my daily fruit and vegetable servings. Thanks Miley. My doctor thanks you too. Never mind all that sodium.

View video of Miley drinking ketchup below. Billy Ray and Miley also performed on the show. Click here to see the performance.

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While I wouldn't drink ketchup out of a bottle (ick!), we all have our own quirks. I love pickles - I could eat a whole jar in a day. Of course, I'd be sicker'n a dog after all the pickled goodness. At least Miley's ketchup fandom is not as bad of a quirk as we see from MOST celebrities ... a la Sheryl Crow's one square of toilet paper...


Ketchup has vinegar in it. Vinegar is good for you to some extent, so I guess she's kinda right. When I was her age I would occasionally eat fully-wrapped sugar packets to amuse my friends. Yummy yummy ink.