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Janet Damita Jo Jackson, 41, has been a musical icon since she first stepped on the stage at MGM Casino nearly 35 years ago at age seven. She began working in earnest when she joined The Jackson's variety show at age ten.

Jackson has reinvented herself time and time again over the decades. Her latest transformation was a 60 pound weight loss in just four months. That's quite an undertaking. She insists she did not undergo any surgical procedures, as has been rumored. She seems to have taken years off her face as well.

Regardless of her method, Jackson looks phenomenal. We've got photos from her early days and photos showing before and after her significant weight gain and loss.

Check them out after the jump.

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn, 62, and her partner Kurt Russell were out for a Sunday afternoon walk near their Pacific Palisades, California home yesterday. The woman still has a tight and toned body - no question about it. Her last movie was in 2002 but she is still very much a part of the Hollywood celebrity scene.

See Goldie Hawn plastic surgery photos here.

The normally gorgeous actress was caught without makeup and we just had to share that Kodak moment. Mind you, on anyone else, the face wouldn't be cause for conversation. The fact that the au natural look is on a Hollywood celebrity makes it newsworthy. Check out her facial expression. Her tongue is poised, as if ready to utter an expletive at a member of the paparazzi squad.

Goldie has quipped in the past that she never considered herself beautiful and has an ugly girl's personality. We take that to mean she gets along well with others without relying on her good looks. The outspoken celebrity has always marched to the beat of her own drummer without being overly concerned about what other people might think. Right On.

Check out Goldie Hawn  photos plus a gallery of celebrities without makeup in the video clip below:

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Madonna is turning physical exercise into a driving obsession. The nearly 50 year old pop star is getting buff enough to be frightening to other people on the streets. We've got a couple of pictures of Madge heading back to her car after a workout session with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson.

The singer is either mindful of the camera and squeezing those upper arms for effect or she really has gotten muscle bound. Her shoulders and upper arms sure look like she might be dabbling in some kind of body building potion. Whatever she's doing, she looks like she can whip her weight in wildcats.

For more pictures of Tracy Anderson and Madonna - click here. Check out another photo after the jump.

Check out the muscular photos at Daily Mail.

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Good for Paul McCartney! After the lengthy divorce battle with crazy Heather Mills, Sir Paul needed a little R&R. What better way to accomplish that than to grab Nancy Shevell and run off to a remote location in Antigua.

With money being no object, the couple stayed in a posh $2,375 a night beachside suite. The Jumby Bay Resort is situated on a 300 acre island.

While the workers said it did not seem that the two were a couple, they seemed to be more like friends. But they were extremely comfortable together. McCartney is smarter than that. We won't be seeing him throwing himself at any women in a public display. He has always been discreet in his dating life.

We're still calling it a romantic getaway and what the hell - he deserves it!

More photos below.

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker is engaged to tennis star Andy Roddick. The couple announced their engagement on Roddick's website according to People magazine:  See SI Swimsuit Issue 2010 featuring Decker on the HOT cover.
The couple wanted to tell their family and close friends first but good news travels fast. By the time Andy arrived in Miami for the Sony Ericsson Open, the tournament was bustling with the news."

No date has been set yet for the wedding. Both reportedly have very busy schedules and want to enjoy the engagement experience for awhile before heading down the bridal path. Roddick is 25 and Decker a mere 20. They reportedly met last year when Roddick asked his agent to track down the SI Model. Sounds like a case of lust developed before an actual meeting took place. Smooth.

Check out the wedding photos here.

We would be remiss if we didn't include some of Brooklyn's photos. Check them out after the jump.

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Britney Spears is still riding the wave after her guest appearance last week on the hit show How I Met Your Mother. The 30 minute segment involved eight costume changes and detailed Ted's ten laser treatment sessions to have a tatoo removed from his backside.

Britney received favorable reviews for her portrayal of Abbie the office receptionist. The sitcom received it's highest ratings to date - leaving many to speculate that Britney may be asked back for an encore performance.

Jamie Spear, Britney's dad, would like to see her do more television because it has a more normal 9 to 5 schedule. There are reportedly offers coming in that dad and daughter are sifting through. Tina Fey of 30 Rock has come out publicly to say that she would love to have Oprah and Britney appear on her hit weekly show. For Britney to be named in the same conversation with the mega O is quite a compliment. USA Today covered an event where Fey was quoted as saying:

We would love to work with Britney. I worked with her twice on 'SNL' and she was very professional and nice."

Stay tuned folks and expect to see more of the still fragile but decidedly healthier Britney. Looks like Papa Spears really is making a significant difference in his daughter's life. Mama Lynne Spears is reportedly back in Mississippi tending to daughter Jamie Lynn Spears, who is expecting a child with her teen boyfriend Casey Aldridge. And so it goes...

Check out photos from Britney's recent guest spot on How I Met Your Mother after the jump.

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Friends close to Amy Winehouse have said that she is at the lowest point in her life right now. With husband Blake Fielder-Civil still incarcerated and her recent skin condition eating away at her face, the singer is in a really dark place right now.

Recent photos have shown many cuts all over Amy's arms and she has been known to be a cutter. Her friends are reportedly afraid for her. Winehouse is staying holed up in her flat, spending most of her time writing songs with death themes for her third album.

Fame and money may be adding to Amy's mental state at the moment but one of her biggest headaches continues to be husband Blake. He continues to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the star when she visits him in prison. Sources close to Amy believe it would be best if the couple were to split for good. He's a very heavy anchor around her neck right now.

Although her third album is being described at bleak, some of Winehouse's best songs are channeled from her troubled life. That said - she's likely to have another mega hit on her hands if her past successes are any indication.

We continue to wish Amy inner peace and happiness. Her short lived rehab stint was too little. She's back in her 'crying for help mode' and needs someone to step up and give her some more tough love.

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Sean Levert, R&B singer who's deceased brother Gerald Levert had the hit Casanova in the 80's, died while serving a 22 month jail sentence for refusing to pay child support. The 39 year old reportedly died of natural causes.

Sean's father is Eddie Levert, 65, of the legendary O'Jay's. Son Gerald died in November 2006 at age 40 of a interaction between prescription and street drugs. His song Casanova hit number five on the pop charts in 1987. The group recorded under the name LeVert.

Sean reportedly was in and out of the music scene but went back to it in mid 2007 according to his MySpace page. He was only a few days into serving his jail sentence when he died. He leaves behind his father and his three children, age 17, 15 and 11.

For a classic performance of Eddie, Gerald and Sean performing together, click this link.

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You gotta give Charlie Sheen's fiancee Brooke Mueller credit. How smart is she to sign a deal with Extra! as a news correspondent? Perfect timing with Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards' much scrutinized reality show starting soon. Now they can both be in the spotlight.

The jeans and t-shirt kind of girl was formerly a real estate agent and will continue to flip houses. Not only is she busy with her new gig but Mueller is also planning her wedding to Charlie, which she says will be a small affair.

Brooke was recently interviewed and talked about her fashion style, relationship and food. These are the three ways to a woman heart - right? Brooke had this to say about her relationship with Sheen:

"Before Charlie, nobody knew me at all! It's scary, because I am always afraid of what I say. But I think it's been a great experience."

How interesting that she calls her relationship to Charlie an experience. As far as who is the better cook, she says it's Charlie and that he makes the best tuna fish - yes, you heard me right - tuna fish. I guess he uses really great spices.

Good luck to Brooke in her new adventure!  PHOTOS HERE.

UPDATE: It turns out it wasn't a marriage made in heaven.  On Christmas morning 2009 Charlie Sheen pulled a knife on his wife and threatened to kill her.  Hear the 911 call here.