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John Vargas Paints Clothing on Nude Models (Photos & Video)

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John Vargas is an artist who prefers to put paint on nude models rather than on the traditional canvas. The quirky and talented Vargas paints sports uniforms on some stunningly beautiful models. The finished work is then photographed and sold through his website.

The photographs are erotic in a tasteful display. We've showcased his soccer girls in this particular post. We shamelessly got our story from our friends at CO-ED Magazine (link available below). We've also got a video of the artist at work. Be forewarned, it may be a bit on the titillating side and showcases both men and women getting their paint applied.

Check out more great photos and a graphic video after the jump.

  • orange top
  • red and blue
  • vargas body painting shes nude underneath that soccer painted un
  • yellow nip soccer uniform

Video below.

For more photos, we're providing a CO-ED Magazine link. Be sure to check out their other great stories and photos too.

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