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Danica Patrick Sports Illustrated Bikini Photoshoot (Photos)

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Wisconsin born Indy driver Danica Patrick is sizzling hot in the Sports Illustrated bikini issue. Danica could easily give up racing and start modeling tomorrow. Luckily for all her racing fans she will stick to hanging out in the fast lane.

Patrick who has had her share of discriminating remarks about being a woman in a man's sport continues on. Starting out her official career in 2005,  the 26-year-old has won a few awards to show that she is loved in her sport.

2005 Rookie of the Year

2005 IndyCar Most Popular Driver

2006 IndyCar Most Popular Driver

2007 IndyCar Most Popular Driver

Maybe Danica's next award should be 2010 Sexiest IndyCar Swimsuit Model.   Check out some more of Patrick's gorgeous SI swimsuit photos here and on the next page.  She recently got a speeding ticket, and not her first either.

Danica graced the cover of Shape magazine in a smokin' hot bikini - see the pics here.

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I really liked your blog and bookmarked it


I like Danika and also think she is very pretty. I would have left a couple of the pictures out of sports illustrated (the granny panties Bottoms), as they did not do her Justice. She is sexy!! I replied because of the comments made by a couple hommos on her T & A They are just fine to me they are real. As for racing I think she brings alot to the sport. and i like to see her race. She makes no more excuses than any other professional on the track. If she couldn't drive she wouldn't be there!!!!! SO Danika keep your foot to the floor and your clothes any where you like. My bed post, the hood of your car :-) -dsd-


When I heard Dana Patrick posed for Sports illustrated I was like okay yeah lets check it out, but what a dissapointment, she needs a one piece with shorts over it, yes not even driving race cars done her justice, who ever these old farts are that think she's hot is pretty much waisting company money, yes she maybe searched and talked about but all I ever hear is the BAD STUFF about her, she needs to hang up the bikini and the racing career and go into a air conditioned cubicle and be quite.


Who in the hell ever told Danica that she was hot should be shot. She has no A** and no T**s she looks like a man with bad makeup.she tries too much to blame bad driving on how this person cut her off this person crashed, her this person F'ed up and didn't get her out of the pits correctly. if she was a man and had all of these issues then she would have already been fired. the fact is she has T**s an A** and probably spreads for her boss and her teammates just to keep her job. the world is so over her. this goes to show that most Indy car fans are hard up can't get a date Losers,
and proof that proper marketing can make any horse faced girl a star. Maybe if you focused a little more on some of the other more attractive females in motor sports then you would realize that Danica is just a bad publicity stunt.


your photos brings mt youth back from nunzio bagliere