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Nicole Kidman's Bodyguard Attacks Paparazzi (Video)

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Nicole Kidman's bodyguard, David Michael Garris, attacked a photographer for Flynet on Thursday, giving him a serious beating.

The photog, Jeremy, was following Kidman and her bodyguard in Santa Monica as they were making their way to the gym, when the bodyguard got out of his vehicle and began beating Jeremy.

Prior to this incident, Kidman's trainer attacked a 53-year-old photographer while they were jogging on Wednesday.

Although the paparazzi may be annoying, they are doing their job, and shouldn't have to feel their life is in danger when they go to work. The bodyguard's actions are completely unjustified.

On the other side of the coin, the paparazzi should obey laws and not endanger others in their quest for obtaining celebrity photos. It seems this is becoming more and more dangerous each day.

WARNING: The video below contains violence and explicit language. Flynet has pictures of the victim's face after the attack. The guy took quite a beating.


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I have to totally disagree with you. The stalkarazzi are not "doing their job" when they stalk and harass people during the private moments in their lives. Those photographers are stalkers and leeches who should go get a real job instead of living off other people's lives. Good for the body guard. Hopefully if a stalkerazzi feels his or her life is threatened by stalking someone they will stop harassing people.


idiot, a bodyguard is supposed to protect, not destroy, moron


I don't agree with the violence, but I'm sorry you want to do a job that is essentially a violent intrusion into people's lives 24/7, they are going to eventually react. This is not the first time this has happened and it won't be the last, as long as these people don't have any respect for boundaries and the public continues to eat this stuff up because they are bored with their own lives.


Why hasn't this violent attack been on the news? Who is covering this up? Ms. Kidman and her PR team (Catherin Olim, who called Cindy Adams an idiot) have done everything to get this story buried, so thanks to this blog for showing it. Horrendous act of violence, twice perpetrated by a Kidman employee. What is she doing? Why isn't she apologizing to these people?


hey voyeur photographers for hire you chose a job that you know will land you some blows on the face now and then, don't complain, otherwise look for a different job.