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Big Brother 9 Sheila Kennedy's Nude Penthouse Photos

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45-year-old Sheila Kennedy, a Big Brother 9 contestant, was once a Penthouse Pet and former girlfriend of Scott Baio.

Kennedy has appeared on the cover of Penthouse four times and was Pet of the Month in December 1982 and Pet of the Year in 1983.

Originally from Memphis, TN, Sheila lived in the Penthouse Mansion with founder Bob Guccione for ten years. Interestingly, the New York mansion was recently in the news, selling for $49 million despite it's "odd energy." (Guccione lost the townhouse to foreclosure in 2006).

Sheila appeared in a few low budget sex comedies, Ellie, The First Turn On and Spring Break. She is now a stay-at-home mom to 16-year-old son, Mikhail.

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Run away with me girl! I havbe two bologna and cheese sandwiches packed and a thermos of grape coolaid. We can go places! Honestly, you were a joy to watch on BB. Very pretty lady. Wish someday our paths would cross.


So cute Looks you have !


Yuck, even then you could see the jowels forming. She is an idiot and a bitch.