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News Anchor Darlene Rodriguez Cop Husband Charged In Teen Rape

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Police Sgt. David Rodriguez has been charged with raping a 17 year old girl. The alleged act happened after he arrested her 35-year old boyfriend for domestic abuse. Rodriguez is married to anchorwoman Darlene Rodriguez from channel WNBC-TV Today in New York.

The cop has plead not guilty and was able to post $25,000 bail. While outside the courthouse, the anchorwoman was visibly upset, crying and pleading her husbands case. She believes that he is innocent and said:

"I am here to support my husband. I believe in him. I love him. He's innocent 100 percent."

Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll, responding to claims by Rodriguez attorney that the investigation was slipshod, assured the public that the investigation had been thorough.

On February 8, Rodriguez and fellow officers went to the girl's home to break up a fight. They arrested the boyfriend on assault charges. Later that evening they were called back to the home and rearrested the boyfriend, who after making bail had made contact with the girl, in violation of a police protection order.

The girl alleges that Sgt. Rodriguez returned early the next morning, for the third time, and attacked and forcibly raped her. The girl waited to report the attack until two days later because she was fearful of retaliation. The collection of physical evidence was difficult because of the lapse between attack and disclosure.

Sgt. Rodriguez is currently suspended without pay until further notice. The nine year police veteran could be sentenced to 25 years in prison if he is found guilty.

The photo after the jump is of anchor woman Darlene Rodriguez of WNBC-TV Today in New York.


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thats just like a woman to take up for her husband but whats going to be her excuse if he did do it this is a young girl were talking about maybe she is lying who knows but would u believe ur child if she said she had been raped by a police officer? i would and i hope the truth comes out soon on this one they think they can break the law because they r the law and thats NOT right