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Goldie Hawn Without Makeup (Photos)

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn, 62, and her partner Kurt Russell were out for a Sunday afternoon walk near their Pacific Palisades, California home yesterday. The woman still has a tight and toned body - no question about it. Her last movie was in 2002 but she is still very much a part of the Hollywood celebrity scene.

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The normally gorgeous actress was caught without makeup and we just had to share that Kodak moment. Mind you, on anyone else, the face wouldn't be cause for conversation. The fact that the au natural look is on a Hollywood celebrity makes it newsworthy. Check out her facial expression. Her tongue is poised, as if ready to utter an expletive at a member of the paparazzi squad.

Goldie has quipped in the past that she never considered herself beautiful and has an ugly girl's personality. We take that to mean she gets along well with others without relying on her good looks. The outspoken celebrity has always marched to the beat of her own drummer without being overly concerned about what other people might think. Right On.

Check out Goldie Hawn  photos plus a gallery of celebrities without makeup in the video clip below:

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C'mooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a HUMAN being-albeit gorgeous but one of US!!!! What do YOU look like...Especially at 64. Besides WHY does media PUBLISH these private moments when PEOPLE-yes! PEOPLE (INCLUDING celebrities) possess a God given Right TO privacey. Let these people BREATHE, relax, live. "Catch'em' on the movie screen then show your appreciation by RESPECT. GET OLD People!!!! You're Gonna no matter what. Leave this graceful woman in Peace and not Feel UNdeserved shame!! Good Grief! ANYBODY SMART OUT THERE?


Goldie Hawn is 62 years old now - so why is she being compared (negatively) to women half her age and younger on all of these sites? That's just stupid. At 23 or 33 she could give any of them a run for their money in the looks and figure department, and she was funny too. Everybody ages and the paparrazi should be arrested for harassing celebrities at the grocery store or out to pick up a cup of coffee - all for a non-story such as to ridicule and embarrass them for not wearing professional make-up every minute of their lives. Goldie has brought lots of fun and laughter to the world and she deserves nothing but respect. She's a grandmother for pete's sake - what does your grandmother look like?


Goldie Hawn was born in November of 1945 which actually makes her 64. That makes this photo even more amazing. She is gorgeous makeup or not.


Goldie, I hope somehow you get to read this post.. I wanted to thank you for all the fond memories I have of you. I was only eleven years old when I was smitten by you. Back then you were on 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh In' and I used to love when you'll flub your lines and laugh while beaming those gorgeous eyes - and Wow! - who could ever forget that smile!? What I'll never forget was how I went to bed in tears because my Dad Bogarted the TV and wouldn't let me see your show: "Pure Goldie". Just saw a movie with you on TV tonight and just hearing you talk was like a getting to know you and being inside your mind; exploring another world I wish I could be a part of. Well, anyway that's the effect you've had on me. Love Ya' Goldie, as much now as ever! God Bless, eh?


This little Lady looks just as good today as she did when I saw her from a short distance during the filming of Used Cars at Yuma Rd. and Airport Rd. near Good Year Arizona. I was a Deputy Sheriff with Maricopa County, working off Duty Security for the Movie set. Hang in there Goldie ( Will always Love Ya ! Thank you for the memories.) Wish I could give ya a hug. Sincerely, Ellis David, Jr.


While watching the 2009 Academy Awards last night, a friend remarked, “Goldie Hawn has had so much Botox that when she dies her grave is going to be declared a toxic waste dump.”


She looks marvelous, but no one can convince me she has no make up on. She is in a evening gown, for Lord sake. No celebrity with a brain goes to a glamorous event in a evening gown without nakeup,


I only hope I look so good in 20 years when I am 62!