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Big Brother Chanelle Hayes Sex Tape Released

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Big Brother reality show contestant Chanelle Hayes, 21, must be watching quite a bit of TV lately to see how sex tapes and naughty photos can improve one's career. The savvy Hayes is looking for creative ways to get her name pasted all over the media now that her gig on Big Brother fell flat.

The tape is pretty lame and you really don't see much of anything other than a little spanking and shaking. As far as the claims that the tape was leaked - we say BS.

Chanelle just so happens to have a new show coming out TODAY for Vh1 called Chanelle: Wannabe Pop Star. Convenient isn't it?

If these fame seekers really want to make an "adult" video, maybe they should take a lesson from Pamela Anderson. Now that girl knows how to do it up big.

The Sun has the video so be sure to check it out here. You can also check out Big Brother 9 Natalie Cunial Nude here. Check out more photos below.

This seems a little scary to me. If I were Victoria Beckham, I might be thinking about getting a restraining order.

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It's clearly just for publicity. She knows that sex tapes go viral on the web and she wants to be famous. She should film herself picking her bum and sniffing it? The video of the chimp doing the same was sent round by loads of people.