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Tiffany Shepherd Bikini Mate, Science Teacher Fired

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Tiffany Shepherd was a high school science teacher in Florida's St. Lucie County School District until very recently. School administrators fired the 30 year old single mother of three young children. The school board says the dismissal is based upon poor job performance but Shepherd is crying foul.

It all started when the young woman and her husband divorced in early 2008. In order to make ends meet, Tiffany secured a part time job working for Gil Coombes on weekends. Coombes and his wife run a charter fishing boat operation called Smokin' Em Charters. The charter's website offers up charter services for bachelor parties as well as for groups of varying sizes that are interested in inshore and offshore fishing.

Shepherd and a few other attractive women are employed as bikini mates. The women mingle with the paying customers and some are reportedly topless. Tiffany says that she keeps her bikini firmly in place and doesn't believe she is doing anything inappropriate. She makes $600 for two days of fishing, which was more than what she could earn during a full week at her teaching job.

The conflict occurred, according to Tiffany, when the charter service displayed sexy photos of the bikini mates on the website that they use to advertise their business. Shepherd believes that administrators in her school district were put off by her moonlighting and that they trumped up the poor job performance charges as a way to sever ties with someone who didn't meet their standards.

The district indicates that Shepherd missed 30 days of school this year and received two written reprimands prior to being fired. Looks like the young woman will have to take on a few more days of fishing each week in order to support her youngsters, now that the school system has cut her loose.

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Photos of the bikini mates available HERE.
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Thx for information.


She is better off being away from the backstabbers at the school board. She was just making sure her family get's fed on her personal time. Although I would have stick to the escorting business than the porn industry for the sake of her kids. I read in a post somewhere that she worked for an escorts resort called charlisangels adult sex vacations. I hope she get's herself together.


Well your former President (G.W. Bush) took about 499 days of vacation. She is a mother of three, children get sick. For me not a good enough reason to fire a woman nor is her bikini. Sounds like she pissed some one off that is all.


So, who missed that she missed 30 days of work ? Thats 6 weeks missed, in a 42 week school year. I sure can't take 1/7th of my work year off, with pay, and not expect to be fired for cause. Why should she ?


I am sorry but what in the world does a woman doting a bikini have to do wit hher day job?? So does gthis mean if I was a teacher in this school district and I was caught on the beach or in a pool wearing a bikini that I would be fired too??? And what if I was a stripper and was completey nude dancing and a school board member saw it would I get fired for having a job seperate from my day job?? OH PLEASE! other people want to push their ideals & morals on to everyone else. I am not perfect and I do not try to be but if I was this teacher I woudl fight the school boards decision a picture in a bikini is no different then students seeing her in a bikini on the beach on her day off!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is madness. The question on weather or not she should be fired should not have anything to do with her wearing a BATHING SUIT, but weather or not she is a good teacher. How is what she was wearing any different from what women wear to the beach, or laying out in the sun, or waitressing for that matter? This is an abuse of power of those on the school board to enforce their personal morals and views, which to be blunt, are old fasioned and behind the times. If she's a good teacher, and her students like and miss her, she should not have been fired. good teachers are hard enough to find without firing them for this kind of crap. The school board down there didnt have anything better to talk about? Im pretty sure given a month to do some background i could find a list of things that require attention that are vastly more important than a woman doing something only possibly questionable, on her OWN TIME, in order to provide for her family. Its a sad state of affairs that teachers are so underpaid, and while i dont really think its the best thing, single moms, who happen to be easy on the eyes, can make quite a bit of money showing a bit of skin. It dosnt mean they are doing anything wrong. When you have four mouths to feed, sometimes you do what you have to do. At least she wasnt a prostitute.... not that you could tell from the school boards reaction. And if there is concern about this woman setting an example for her students.... maybe you should look at the young girls wardrobes. i think the problems with girls growing up to fast and showing more skin then they should at that age, sets firmly on their parents who allow it to happen. not on adult teachers who live their lives ON A CHARTER BOAT AWAY FROM THEIR STUDENTS. honestly these pictures were on the internet. the students are looking up porn, not chartered fishing trips to get their rocks off. as stated, this is ridiculous.


Really has her priorities in life straight huh??? Poor teacher, PLEASE!!! I don't feel one bit sorry for her. Her student's don't need to have those kind of photos available to them. It wasn't the second job that killed her teaching career, it was her STUPIDITY!!!


I want my teacher back.
Even if the firing was due to "poor job performance", which is bull, it's better than having a substitute that sits on their ass all class period. I have no idea how they plan on giving us a final exam when we haven't had a teacher. I wouldn't even mind if they found a substitute actually willing to teach. But they haven't. I think this is ridiculous.
I love you Ms. Shepard!
We all miss youu.