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CONFIRMED! Beyonce and Jay-Z are Expecting a Baby

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beyonce and jay z expecting

Our friends over at Hollyscoop have confirmed that as speculated, Beyonce and Jay-Z's rush to get married was because the beautiful singer is pregnant. The couple were married on April 4th in front of close friends and family.

Not only did a source close to the couple confirm to Hollyscoop that the singer was indeed pregnant, but also confided that their intimate group of wedding guests were all aware of the couple's exciting baby news.

Don't look for the couple to gush to the media about their exciting news anytime soon. They've never confirmed that they were dating much less married or starting a family together.

Congratulations to the couple!

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in the Real World, she would have been 'knocked up'


I really don't see anything wrong with her keeping things a secret. Yes it can be wrong and then right. She and Jay Z got married big deal. They've known each other for years, and who can say they probably have been dating. No one is in their presence at all times. No one know the exact reason why they got married. I assume the reason they got married is because they love one another and they probably can't see themselves without each other. The only reason why their keeping things to themselves because of the roomers. Beyonce and Jay Z can say one thing and whatever they stated should be that and nothing else. Everyone always make things up. Beyonce and Jay Z is being secure about their relationship. If I was either of them I would be doing the same thing also. We have too many Tabloids out here that want to be in someone's business and tell another story that's not even true. If you ask me I say that's not right and not fare to the couple. I'm a big fan of beyonce. I'm not taking up for beyonce because I love her and because I'm a big fan... I would do this with anyone especially if they have to right to do what their doing. What Beyonce and Jay Z are doing I feel that they should keep doing it.