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Fox News Liz Trotta Wants Obama and Osama Dead (Video)

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liz trotta

Liz Trotta is a Fox News contributor and former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times. On May 25, 2008, Trotta made news after expressing her personal view on Fox News that U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama should be assassinated along with Osama bin Laden. Prior to calling for his assassination she referred to Obama as Osama.

Discussing Hillary Rodham Clinton's controversial reference to Robert F. Kennedy's June 1968 assassination, she stated:
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Liz Trotta is a complete bitcht!ts. Her only redeeming feature is good skin for her age, which I assume is due to her Italian origins.


I think one of the priorities of the Obama administration ought to be to abolish Fox News. Between this so called journalist and boneheads without a college education like Sean Hannity, Fox Noise is nothing more than a right wing propaganda machine. To advocate the assassination of the President Elect, then a DNC Presidential candidate, openly on the air without any confrontation, must be seen as a violation of free speech. To scream "Fire" in a crowded movie theatre is not covered under free speech, neither should this disgusting, outrageous filth and propaganda. Fixed News is NOT news, it is lies, deceit, fear mongering, hateful propaganda that has no place in a free society. This lady or whoever it is, should have been arrested for this deliberate "gaffe" which seemed very volitional on her part. This is NOT freedom of speech. This is a crime deserving of criminal prosecution, conviction and jail time.
Who's holding her accountable? Fox Noise? Hardly!


How horrible!! Those were planned words. No one with her supposed intelligence could have made that gaffe. She comfortably gave her real mind, revealing evil, maniacal, demented comment which clearly got a media pass. It's people like Liz Trotta that makes the public hate the media. 17,000,000 people have voted for Obama. Who are you Liz Trotta? Horrible, Horrible behavior. Fox News: Do not let this lady (oops-she's no lady) on the air again.


OUTRAGEOUS. I can't she got a media pass for this. None of the major networks, print or tv, covered this today.


File a complaint here:, with this information as the accused. LIZ A TROTTA, (212) 734-7543, 340 E. 66th St, New York, NY 10065, Born March 1937 (age 71). God Bless!


I heard the comments of Liz Trotter and was extremely disappointed at her comment re: Obama and Osama. She said both should be obliterated. I have no opinion about Osama but Obama!!! How could she even have a slip of the tongue on that. Quite frankly, I think it is on her subconscious wish list. Every since I can remember hearing Liz, I've always had so much respect for her as a journalist but from that comment, I have lost all respect for her and really will never trust her as I don't trust Hillary. Personlly, I can care less about anything she says in the future.