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kd Lang is Against Gay Marriage (Photos)

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Back on top of the world, kd Lang's new album Watershed is on fire. Wondering what kd's thought's were on gay marriage, I searched high and low to find her views and lo and behold, I found an interview that the singer recently did with Liz Jones.

Liz asked Lang if she would consider getting married and she responded:

I'm for civil partnerships; I'm not for gay marriage. A friend of mine called that "aping the monkey".

Watershed is her first collection of new songs since Invincible Summer which was recorded eight years ago. The sounds are a mixture of jazz, country and Brazilian music and her best selling UK album in a decade.

Back in 1992 when it wasn't "ok" to admit your sexuality, Lang came out as being a proud lesbian. In the interview Lang gushed about the woman she calls her "wife" Jamie.

She's extraordinarily supportive of me challenging myself. She's very wise and honest, an amazing person.

To read the full interview with kd check it out here. See more photos of Lange below.
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People should be able to marry who they want, regardless of their gender.


Shes Buddhist!!! She probably just worded it wrong and the media sucked it right up.


She's right, it is aping the monkey. My partner is my fag hag, I live with her. Should I marry her so we can get all the financial benefits that come with marriage? It's just another paradigm. What's the need? So you can be recognized by the state? Approval? EVERYONE should have the right to insure someone, choose who sees them in the hospital, leave their belongings to whomever they choose. Thinks outside the box that was given to you.


oh god, a whole new slew of politically correct terms coming on and more fear of offending someone and rants should we aplly them in the wrong situation


She is allowed to have her opinion. I don't agree with her, and she doesn't "speak for the community", as it were, but yeah.


I wonder what her views are now...