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Some Cougars Shouldn't Wear Bikinis (Photos)

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linda logan

Dating a younger man is one way to make your ex jealous and provide an ego boost as well. At least that seems to be the way Linda Bollea is rolling these days. The blonde vixen was recently seen frolicking on the beach in a blue bikini that seemed better suited for daughter Brooke.

Linda is currently dating 19 year old Charlie Hill, who is obviously seeing the same hair dresser as his new mom girlfriend. Charlie happens to be one of Brooke Hogan's class mates.

Check out the decidedly gross photos of Linda in her blue bikini.

More photos of Linda and Charlie below.

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Photos: WENN

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I think she's a hot mature MILF. I'm 40 though, so I think a 49 year old can be hot. I bet many 49 y/o women wish they had a body like her, and so do the men married to them....


Amending my comments, I just saw the video the Graziano family put out of their son John. What horror. My comments stand for women over 40 in general. As for Mrs Hogan (and her sanctimonious husband who dares to talk about karma in connection with that accident) I think her cavorting around shows a narcissism that is sociopathic. It must run in the genes, because that whole family is sociopathic. A young man has a gaping hole in his head like a broken mellon and they are all running around like attention whores like that makes it go away. Clearly they don't care. It's an annoyance, static for them. They even think he somehow deserved it and in Thor's words, would make him a better person. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Please don't report on that family. A media blackout is the worst thing that could happen to them and the punishment they deserve. No mirrors!


Ok, so she doesn't look 18. Neither does her husband. How old does Mr. Hogan look? He looks like some aging cartoon excuse for the Viking god Thor. Not attractive at all, in clothes or.... I don't even want to go there.... not. What annoys me is that she's happy feeling sexy and alive and everyone is jumping on her for not being a bitter older lady sitting under a sack, depressed and drugged out of life, or dead. Of course the young meat Hogan scores is A-OK. I really get the sense that women are told that their expiration date runs out at 40 and then they should just disappear an die. The opposite message is given to men, that they are just coming into their power and life is their oyster. Your post does not help this image, nor this shaming. I'm not 40, but I don't want to 'die' at 40.