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Dean McDermott Paints His Toenails RED (Photos)

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Tori Spelling and her actor husband Dean McDermott were out shopping in Beverly Hills on Sunday. Tori gave birth to her young daughter Stella Doreen on June 9, a mere two weeks ago.

We've got photos that show the couple looking upbeat and carefree without their one year old son Liam or the baby in tow.

One thing that puzzled us about the photos is the fact that Dean McDermott paints his toenails. We're not talking clear lacquer - we're talking RED. What's up with that?

Check the photos below, including the closeup of Dean's foot, and drop us a comment. Weird or not?

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Photos: WENN
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There was a time whenever my husband would wear sandals I would cringe. His feet looked absolutely awful! I encouraged him to do something about them and go get a pedicure but he was not for it. It wasn't until his own sister was visiting us and she made a rather rude comment about the condition of his feet (she could get away with the being his sister) that he finally broke down and agreed to have them 'worked on'. Much to his surprise (and I couldn't say 'I told you so' without making him upset, but I really wanted to!), he actually liked the experience and told me how good it felt. His feet looked better but they had been so neglected for so long that it took a couple more 'treatments' for them to finally begin to look presentable. Fast-forward to the present: he and I now go together for pedicures for a special treat - not often but whenever we feel like we need it. His feet are looking great and I have even bought him a few pairs of nice sandals to wear (he pretty much wore out his old flip flops). The kicker is that just this last time we went for our pedicures, he even decided to try polish! I was seriously amazed. The girl doing his feet must have made a suggestion and he took her up on it (okay, she was rather cute...). She selected a deep silver-gray color and it actually looked quite good on his feet. I think he likes it too (though he has never admitted it) because he's still wearing it and it's been almost a week since we were at the salon. I think you guys are on to something with this post.


same here. sheer neutral on my toes, Orly nails for males on my hands. Both protect the nails and look great. people say polish on men is gay. Way odd because NO gay guy I know polishes his nails-not one. that idea comes from the fact that gay man, like women, are attracted to men, so therefore a woman's normally attributed fashion must be acquired by gay men, like the same gender. Totally NOT true, if you think about it that makes no sense at all. Could it be that shine and color are just plain attractive to everyone, male, female, gay, straight and that is part of being human?? Jeez, what a crazy concept hey??? Nope, I like color and expression. Dean is straight, though I hardly have to say that after he has like 5 kids, and totally in love with Torii, dang him all! ya guys and gals have simply GOTTA get over this hurdle, because you are SOOO wrong.


I really dont know what elseto say here I think all the other guys before me hit the nail right on the head kudos to all of you there is nothing wrong with this why some people still think that only women can feel good about themselves or look good so I guess if this makes us gay then why dont we go back to the way things used to be so that women can only wear deresses if painting my toenails makes me gay then all you broads out there who wear pants are just as gay as us


i really like painting and growing my toenails, its very relaxing, and enjoyable for anybody. ANYBODY.


i also wear panties and womens clothes often but like i said i am far from gay jus very in touch with my femine side and its great and my wife loves it too.


i am a 24 yr old married man and my wife and i have five children but i paint my toenails. i like the bright pink red and the deep blue but sliver is my fav. ive been doin it since i was little and i hate knowing when my toe arent polished. i love the feeling i get when i paint them and after they are done its great. but i am far from gay....believe me about that


Like someone else that posted here, I got a toenail smashed a couple of years back and it got badly discolored and took nearly a year to heal. My wife suggested early on in the healing that I try a neutral looking polish to cover it, and to make it blend in, I had to have them all polished. I really liked the way they look and even after the toe nail finally healed, I kept doing it, I keep my feet well groomed now and they look better than ever. There is nothing gay about doing it.


Hi everyone, I truly wish all of us men and the women who like it can somehow get together. I get a pedicure every two weeks and I where a diffrent color every time. I recently started wearing thong slippers or sandals openly on the street in southern california. Some people notice but most don't. I have real nice looking feet for a guy. This coming week on my next pedicure, I'm going to have opi's "alpine snow" polish put on. I love the straight white polish!


I'm a bi (but mostly straight) guy and just had a pedicure done (my first) on a whim and had my toenails painted a dark metallic silver (to hide some blood blisters) which I thinks looks really good. Was thinking black (more macho) for the color, but I think the dark metallic silver looks better (based on pics I've seen). I don't think my sexuality is connected to having a pedicure or painting my toenails, but I think that being bi (or gay) makes a man more "open" to doing it than it would if he was just straight and worried about not letting anyone think that he's gay (or bi) which is the main reason I think that most straight men wouldn't consider doing it. The pedicurist asked me if I wanted RED for the color and my "knee-jerk" response was "No Way!" but now that I think about it, I may try a bold red color in the future. Why not? Frankly, painting my toenails turns makes me feel sexy and with a little positive reinforcement from my SO (a woman that I haven't shown them to yet), we could have a REALLY good time. OBTW, why haven't you women told us men before how GREAT the pedicure experience is? -- feet in warm moving spa water, someone working on your toes while you're sitting back w/your eyes closed getting a back massage from the built-in chair machine, a defoliation scrub and then a foot and calf massage with moisturizing lotion was FANTASTIC!!! Doesn't matter if your a girl or guy, a pedicure is definitely something everyone should get just to feel good w/o doing anything illegal. The only thing I'd add would be an iPod (next time) and a glass of wine or champagne. Now THAT would be a really GREAT experience!


Why is it weird for a man to paint his toenails? What about tattoos and body piercings? Why are they ok but nail polish is not ok? It is just paint. After all, women have been borrowing from men's fashion for many years and nobody cries foul when women incorporate items from men's fashion into their everyday look. I have been wearing nail polish on my toes for many years and I live in sandals. I usually wear women's low-heel sandals because I love the look and style. I get a pedicure every two weeks in a nail salon and always wear bright red toe hot pink polish on my toes. I get a lot of compliments from women and my pedicures and choice of color. It is really a lot of fun. For those of you who are uneducated enough to think that I am gay, I am married and my wife and I usually wear matching color on our toes. It is really a lot of fun and more guys should try it. It is very liberating to have bright red or hot pink toenails.