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The Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

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jocelyn wildenstein

With fierce competition in Hollywood, some celebrities feel tremendous pressure to conform to a look-obsessed society's standards of beauty or turn back time by going under the knife.

With social stigma regarding plastic surgery vanishing more quickly than the California Condor, a nip here and a tuck there is becoming commonplace. But what happens when this "quick fix" goes terribly wrong?

Some celebrities end up grossly disfigured in their pursuit of perfection - a mockery of their former selves.

The photo above is wealthy socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, dubbed "Cat Woman" by the press due to her feline appearance from extensive plastic surgeries. After her husband began an affair with a Russian fashion model, Jocelyn began undergoing a series of plastic surgeries, spending a reported $4,000,000 over the years.

This is how Wildenstein looked prior to having any work done:

jocelyn wildenstein before

It is unimaginable to me that a plastic surgeon would agree to surgeries this extensive and disfiguring, and I would question the ethics of any doctor involved.

We have included 27+ photos of some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters below.

  • amanda lepore
  • donatella versace
  • carrot top
  • lorielle new
  • angelyne
  • priscilla presley
  • joan rivers
  • joan van ark
  • tara reid 623
  • michael jackson 111506
  • melanie griffith 42107
  • mickey rourke
  • sharon stone 42608
  • burt reynolds 52405
  • courtney love 6238
  • cher 623
  • saffron burrows
  • tori spelling 91107
  • meg ryan 12308
  • lara flynn boyle 72505
  • fergie 32608
  • lil kim 22208
  • faye dunaway 62108
  • la toya jackson
  • jennifer grey from dirty dancing
  • ellen barkin
  • lisa rinna 41708

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Wow that looks horrible, got that is insane.


Can't believe you didn't include Wayne Newton and Mary Tyler Moore. Yikes!!


Amanda Lepore ALWAYS ALWAYS looks fabulous. She had her corrective surgeries to switch gender, and the cosmetic to make her look like a lady and then she stopped. Her boobies are a lil much, but she generally wears them well.


I rather stick with my NoseSecret. I get my best profile for $34 . No surgery and no hassle. I love them.


have you noticed most people that have plastic surgury looks a like (artificial)


i believe one should really be educated with all the effects of plastic surgery prior to undergoing the actual operation. in this way, one would be aware of the possible pros and cons it may yield -sandra c.


How so many of these people think a fat lip is attractive is beyond me. Your artificial fat lip looks fat and ugly and mis-proportioned in every case. Two fat lips is twice as bad. You can probably get punched in the mouth for free if you try hard enough. Further, sagging basketballs, with or without dents, are as age telling as old age itself. It also looks awful. Some of you were gorgeous to begin with and I know you can still look great at 50 and 60. If you didn't screw it up. Ground yourselves. Lose the vanity, ego, whatever it is in you that says you're going to do it. Plastic surgery should only be for the desperately ugly, horrifyingly fat, or similar. So few of you really benefited. The rest of you, you've destroyed your gorgeous looks. Are you happy now?


Am I the only one who thinks that Lara Flynn Boyle looks the best that she has in years? Her full lips are not so odd looking as they used to be on her when she was so gaunt. I think she looks healthy and pretty.


Jennifer Grey does in fact look bad, she too is turning into a cat woman type...her plastic surgery has moved beyond nose work to something else and it doesn't look good. But Sharon Stone is still da bomb, but she too needs to lay off smoothing out her skin, she's aging and she needs to cope better with that knowledge~


This plastic surgery has many damages especially for the face like this Cat woman who destroyed her beautiful face to a terrible incubus .