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by Andrea at . Comments
 kate holmes tom cruise 22108

The Tom Cruise Scientology compound just got a little lighter.  It seems Katie Holmes has grown a spine.  Since their wedding in 2006, Cruise's mother, sister and her two sons have been living with TomKat, and insiders say Katiebot has grown tired of the commune-like atmosphere.

Tom and Katie recently moved into their $35 million Beverly Hills mansion and left Momma Mary Lee and sister Cass to fend for themselves in the duplex apartment in the Scientology Centre, where the entire Cruise clan stayed while renovations were being done on the home.

 The adjustment may be difficult for Tom, 46. His mother, Mary Lee South, and three sisters have been a constant presence in his life since he divorced Nicole in 2001. All are Scientologists, and Mary Lee and sister Cass have lived with him at different points. “He’s very close with his sisters and his mother and he always welcomes his family into his house,” an insider says. Cass has even home schooled Connor and Isabella. “Cass and her sons have been an integral part of Tom’s life, and Cass helps take care of Tom’s children when he is away,” adds the insider.

Now mind you, I'm sure this is no ordinary duplex apartment.  The ENTIRE Cruise clan, including little Suri and Tom's other two children, Isabella and Conner, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, stayed there.  And this is, afterall, a cult mob Scientology owned apartment.

46?  It's about damn time to cut those apron strings.  Good for you Katiebot!  You better watch out though, you may end up being sent for more programming if you assert yourself too much.

by Meg at . Comments

Dan Quayle served as the 44th Vice President under President George Herbert Walker Bush from 1989 to 1993. Prior to holding the second highest office in the land, he was a U.S. Senator from the great state of Indiana. That was then - this is now.

The wildly popular reality television show Dancing with the Stars on ABC approached the baby boomer statesman, 61, to see if he would sign on for season seven and vie for the coveted trophy and bragging rights. He didn't have to give the proposition much thought. According to sources, he promptly said 'thanks but no thanks'.

The entire cast will be revealed live on Good Morning America on August 25th. The new season starts on September 22, 2008 with a live three night premiere.

The athletes have been at the top of the heap consistently throughout the six season run of the show. Past winners have included Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno, NFL football great Emmit Smith and race car driver Helio Castroneves.

Check out some of the past athlete winners below.

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  • eric lindros
  • kate hudson 7301

Earlier today reported that Kate Hudson was "holed up" at her parents' house in Muskoka, Canada with ex-flame Eric Lindros.

Not true!

Hudson and Lance Armstrong split last weekend after a three month romance and according to Perez, the actress ran back into the arms of Lindros.

The 35-year-old retired from hockey after playing 13 seasons in the National Hockey League and is a former boyfriend of Hudson's.  Eric's best friend tells Hot or Not Gossip the two have been friends for years and just happened to run into each other while in Canada.

"Kate and Eric are JUST friends. Their families have known each other for 15 - 20 years and they both have cottages around the corner from each other. Eric is seeing somebody else, and him and Kate have always been close friends for years and years. Nothing is going on, other than them bumping into each other up North. They didn't go up together, nor are staying at each other's places."

Ummm huh.  We'll see.

by Missy at . Comments
beware sign 770916

I have been reading about this unidentified monster that washed up on shore in New York at a beach in Montauk, Long Island and frankly it has been bugging me. Scientists have yet to identify what the creature is so they are calling it the Monster of Montauk.

At first glance the photo looks like a turtle without a shell. Did I mention that it has claws? Another theory is that an animal testing facility close by may have undertaken an experiment that went very, very wrong.

I couldn't bring myself to put the photo at the top of the story because it is ugly and I can only look at it briefly. It is clearly the stuff that nightmares of made if you really want to see what all the fuss is about we dare you to glance down.

What do you think it is - send us your thoughts.

UPDATE:  May 14, 2009 - Another sighting, video and photo here.

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by Meg at . Comments
  • miscavige crop
  • tom cruise made several teaching videos

Former Scientologist Peter Letterese is suing the Church of Scientology for harassment to the tune of $250 million. Court documents include actor Tom Cruise in the suit, referring to him as a right hand associate of church head David Miscavage.

Letterese was a member of the Church on and off for over two decades beginning in 1973. During that time he held several positions of power within the organization. That all began to sour in the early 90's when Letterese accused the Church of copyright infringement for their illegal use of a course of study that he had acquired the exclusive rights to some years earlier. Letterese was eventually excommunicated for violating Church policy - read that to mean disagreeing with the mother ship.

Letterese filed a lawsuit in Southern District Court in Florida on July 15, 2008. Court documents submitted on behalf of the disgruntled former member refer to the Church of Scientology as a crime syndicate. Letterese intends to level racketeering and corruption charges against the powerful organization and hopes to force an investigation under the RICO statute (Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organization).

Court documents name David Miscavage and Tom Cruise as being instrumental in committing crimes while lobbying for and soliciting huge sums of money from foreign and domestic sources. Lawyers for the Church of Scientology call the lawsuit frivolous and based upon falsehoods.

Katie Holmes was said to have undergone a dangerous Scientology purification ritual recently that discolored her hands. Check out those photos here.

See Tom Cruise Scientology teaching video here.

Check out more photos of Tom, Katie and Suri below.

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by Missy at . Comments
ifans stewart 04 wenn2002623

It looks like Sienna Miller is easier to get over then some might think. Rhys Ifans was seen last night out with Kimberly Stewart at Bungalow 8 nightclub. The couple must be trying to hide something because they slipped in the back door of the club.

Come on - it's Kimberly Stewart. I am sure she would have had no problem going in the front door. The two went to several bars and a friends home and then headed back to Kimberly's flat. Trying to be sneaky - Rhys had the driver let him off down the street from her home so they wouldn't be photographed together.

Ifans was a mess after his breakup with Miller, reportedly calling her and crying all the time in a feeble attempt to win her back. He still looks pretty messed up. Hey what's the white stuff all over his shirt?

This isn't the first time Stewart has gone after Sienna's past lovers.   She was also recently seen kissing Jude Law.

More photos below.

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jamie lynn spears and casey aldridge planning a fall 2008 weddin

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17 year old actress and new mother of one month old daughter Maddie, is living happily with her 19 year old boyfriend and baby daddy Casey Aldridge. The actress bought a home on three acres and the little family is said to be very happy with their new life in Liberty, Mississippi.

Spears new digs are only a 30 minute drive from her family home in Kentwood, Louisiana. Her sister Britney Spears owns Serenity estate, where Lynn Spears resides.

The teen, according to OK! magazine, is planning an intimate outdoor family wedding at her home later this Fall. She is not interested in the trappings of a mega celebrity affair and has opted to keep it private and in her own backyard. Britney will be her maid of honor and Casey's sister Ashlee will be a bridesmaid.

Check out photos of below.

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by Missy at . Comments
crown bar celebs 05 wenn2003366

It has been a while since we last saw Jack Osbourne and we just can't quite put our finger on who he looks like at the moment. Ozzie and Sharon's boy and a host of other celebrities were seen coming and going from Crown Bar in LA last night.

We have no idea if there was something special going on at Crown Bar but Lance Bass, Tila Tequila, Cindy Taylor were among those in a party mood.

Hey - let us know who you think Jack looks like.

More photos below.

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by Missy at . Comments
sunset tan season two 46 wenn2003260

Some stars make a statement by going 'Green'. The color at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood last night was definitely orange at the Season two premiere party for the E! reality show Sunset Tan.

Were they partying because they were as shocked as the rest of us that a show about spray tanning got picked up for a second season? I have to admit I have watched it and will never get that time back, sadly.

More photos below.

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Rumer Willis was all set to perform her official duties as Miss Golden Globe in early 2008 when the awards show was canceled due to the Writers Strike. She will get another opportunity to hand out the spherical statues at the 66th Annual Golden Globes in January.

The announcement came from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The 19 year old will join the ranks of other celebrity kids who have performed the Miss Golden Globe duties in the past: Lorraine Nicholson, Lily Costner, Laura Dern, Joely Fisher and Melanie Griffith.

Rumer is the daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore. Between the two celebrities they have been nominated six times for a prestigious Golden Globe award. Bruce took home Best Performance honors in 1985 for his role in TV series Moonlighting.

Steven Spielberg was the recipient of the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award. The event was broadcast live from The Beverly Hilton on NBC on January 11, 2009, 8-11 p.m. EST.

Check out more photos of Rumer below.  WINNERS & RED CARPET PHOTOS HERE.

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