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Miley Cyrus Wet T-Shirt Shower and Other Racy Photos

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miley cyrus nick j necklace

Just one day after Miley Cyrus was seen wearing an ultra-conservative swimsuit on the beach in Malibu, a hacker who claims to have hacked into Miley's email account has released photos he claims the teen star sent to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

One photo shows Miley in a soaking wet t-shirt in the shower, while another shows her blowing kisses into her iPhone while taking a picture of herself with her t-shirt rolled up and her sweat pants rolled down to show her stomach.

The third photo shows the Disney star wearing a Nick J necklace.

The hacker, who goes by trainreq, says he has more photos that he is trying to sell.

Miley has been rocked by one scandal after another ever since her controversial Myspace photos were leaked.

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everyone goes though that stage its called teenager
so just leave the girl alone already people... so just stop tlking s*** about miley cyrus........


for one thing they should arrest the hacker that broke into her account but no they just want dirt on her


Thankyou, very informative.


that is realy sick and gross for her age. from brandy
she is just being A TEENAGe girl and leave her alone from lucy


OMG... u bunch of saddos just leave the poor girl alone... ive met her and trust me shes the sweetest girl ever.... u need to get a life maybe she and her friends were messing around in the bath and stuff.... but the only pictuire thats being looked at is a picture of miley cus shes famous....BIG deal..... ive got pictures of nme and friends in a bath tub splashing in water and takin g a load of pictuires i dont see u finding them and writting about them.... just leave her alone.... GET A LIFE!!!!


just chill her,she still has my props,as long as she doesnt became another britney spears then she's doing fine. and kaitlin please do me a favour and tell your brother and his friend that they are to a-holes who need to get a life


So what If she wants to take a picture?
nobody should care.
she's 16 for god sakes
she can do whatever she pleases.
she has a life you know, and if you were a children-rolemodel
you'd probably do the same thing
so stop being immature and get a life.


easily photoshoped.
her heads to big for her body.
shes rich why would she have sucha grotti shower? im 15, surely its easy to see its not her, if a 15 year old can spot the signs its FAKE.


If you take a look at trainreq's site he's moaning about the F.B.I coming to his house and invading his privacy !! What a f**king hypocrite, I guess he thinks it's o.k to invade other people's privacy and ruin their lives, careers, etc, but that his privacy should be sacrosanct. Once again I say HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!


racy? only 2 or 3 the rest, teen college lol