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Katie Holmes' Hands Discolored from Scientology Purification Rundown (Purif)

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kate holmes purple hands

Katie Holmes' hands discolored by Scientology's Purification Rundown. (photo credit: Fame Pictures via AOL)

Katie Holmes' hands were the topic of much discussion last week when the actress diligently tried to keep them under wraps while filming ABC's Eli Stone, conspicuously wearing gloves and long sleeve shirts -odd behavior in the middle of July in Los Angeles.

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When cameras finally got a glimpse, it was revealed that her hands were a strange dark purple hue.  After much speculation about why her hands were so discolored, Perez Hilton may have uncovered the truth after sources sent him information about a Scientology purification ritual that is likely the cause for the discoloration.

An extremely dangerous practice, Scientology's Purification Rundown or Purif uses vitamin "bombs" and long periods of time in a sauna to cleanse the body of toxins.  Exceeding as much as 142 times the toxic level of the vitamins, the regimen can cause liver damage, hair loss, brain swelling, nausea, fatal heart and respiratory failure.

An examiner's report noted:

"The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be potentially dangerous to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence ..." Many of the dosages set by Hubbard far exceed the recommended maximum intakes set by the United States Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board (FNB). Typically, Hubbard's dosages have not been amended for decades, despite the advance of medical and scientific knowledge; the Scientologists are required (by Hubbard's own instructions) not to alter his doctrines, even where they conflict with proven science.

The high doses of niacin used in the ritual are the probable cause for Katie's purple hands.  Normal doses of the drug can cause skin flushing, and large doses can cause liver damage, peptic ulcers and skin rashes.

Although a few former church members have come forward about the damage done to their health from the Purification Rundown, most ex-members will not come forward for fear of being sued by the litigious Church of Scientology. Lawsuits have been filed against the Church by families who blame the purification programs for the death of a relative.

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Why would vitamins make your hands purple, but no wrists or arms Seems like more of an outside thing like crushing grapes with your hands


Does anyone remember the man who turned himself completely purple taking to much silver?He is still purple.I need to research this group for sure. I heard they are connected to an alien race in some way, they need to change their friends, right away. this is the fringe of going to far and having too many people interested in giving away their independance as a human being, just say no!!!don't give them any press, it gives them strength to perpetrate crimes against the innocent and get away with it. shame on tom, get out NOW katie


Maybe she has been making chocolate cakes for her daughter. Chocolate cakes can be very dangerous to make because the chocolate has a discoloring that eats into the skin. This s likely a more certain caus than sweating and taking lots of vitamins, and eating vegetables. You see, to discolour the skin, some kind of color addative has to be added t the body for this to happen. As the discolouring has not appeared in her face, then it is most likely from mixing somthing with her hands. Chocolate cake is probably the real culprit here and definitely more investigation into its dangers would be of benefit to the public interest. Good luck.


he could just be squeezing the shit out of her hand. he's kind of an intense little fella.


I am a former Scientologist and can't STAND that group now. Yep. Narconon IS a front group. And as for Scientology? Yep. They ARE most certainly a criminal group out for nothing more than to empty people's pockets. BUT I do have to state in all fairness that the Purification Rundown isn't some "ritual" or anything like that. And the vitamins probably didn't cause discoloration of her hands. I did the Purification Rundown myself and although it's grueling and you sweat out alot of toxins and junk, it's nothing "magical" or "weird." You just take high (and arguably dangerous) amounts of vitamins and you drink tons of water to offset the amounts you are sweating out in there for four hours a day. The vitamins (at the least the C and water soluble ones) don't stay in your body when you are sweating that much, believe me. And you do feel pretty decent when you get out of there. Anyway....just to clear up any misconceptions. The Purification Rundown, in my opinion, would not cause anyone's hands to look like those two discolored "claws" in the pic! LOL. Doesn't mean that I agree with Scientology -- cause they are criminals. But the Purif isn't anything that weird. Dangerous for some people? Yeah. I imagine it could be for those with vitamin allergies or sensitivity to certain vitamins or some kind of internal organ problems. But someone whos' healthy...well, they'd probably be fine. It's definitely the upper levels of the Bridge that are most fraudulent and dangerous. Although even at the lowest levels (training routines) you are already being "hypnotized" and brainwashed so you will agree with later stuff you are taught and pay large sums of money. All in all....anyone whos' even considering going in that group, PLEASE do your research and get the facts first and just walk away.
I know what I'm tlaking about. I spent 13 years in there.


Janice, no one has mentioned the idea that Tom is beating Katie because it's ridiculous. What is he doing? Giving her massive hickeys on her hands? Obviously they are not broken, so if it was that type of bruise, you can bet she's have broken fingers, which she clearly doesn't. Don't try to still up something that is clearly not there. Try to focus on the fact that she a part of a dangerous cult, period.


That's insane. Scientology's "NarCONon" quack medical fraud doesn't work. It's _dangerous_ and at times the insane Scientology criminals have _killed_ its victims with their insane "Purification Rundown" frauds committed under their "NarCONon" fake front. That web site covers this insane fraud, a quack medical scam dreamed upo by the drug addled, alcoholic, sexually insane mad man L. Ron Hubbard.


Nobody has mentioned this that I know of, but battered women often wear large, dark sunglasses, long sleeves in hot weather, and possibly gloves. Heavy bruising causes your skin to turn purple, too. It's something to think about.


well this has to be the only good thing i've ever heard about scientology - that they caused her to miss out on being in DARK KNIGHT. she was the only weak link in BATMAN BEGINS. as for everything else, i kinda feel sorry for her. she wanted to money, and got it by marrying tom, but look what it's done to her. she's nothing but a zombie now, like those women in the palygamist sects who only live to serve their man and pop out babies for the future of the cult. so sad.


And - was it done to spread some anti-scientology opinions?