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Christian Bale Assault

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christian bale leaves dorchester hotel

Christian Bale leaves the Dorchester Hotel on the evening of the UK premiere of "The Dark Knight"

The Dark Knight's Christian Bale is being questioned by police over an alleged assault that took place Sunday in his London hotel room.

The 34-year-old actor's mother and sister filed a complaint at a police station in Hampshire yesterday before the West End premiere of The Dark Knight.  Police decided not to interupt the first night celebrations over allegations they were not sure were based in truth.

One source said: 'It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to wreck the premiere over a complaint which we do not yet know is founded in truth. Mr Bale will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and be asked to provide an account of what happened.'

This is not the only drama on Sunday that cast a shadow on the premiere.  British socialite, reality TV star and reporter Peaches Geldof, a guest at the screening, was treated for a suspected drug overdose at her North London flat.

These are just the latest dramas that have surrounded the film.  Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in the movie, died of a drug overdose in January.  Also, a special-effects technician was killed when a vehicle he was in crashed while on a stunt test run.

UPDATE: Christian Bale Arrested

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His sis and mum was trying to shake down this guy! He wouldn't give in to their demands, and they became vincdictive by accusing him of assauting them! I don't believe their claims! they tarnished his evening, being typical women! (Just my opinion) Much luck to you Mr. Bale!


The word assault is often misunderstood, and in Batman's case, the confusion seems widespread on both the Internet and the street. Recent allegations that "Dark Knight" star Christian Bale assaulted his mother and sister have been translated by far too many people into "Did you hear he beat up his mother and sister?" Roughly speaking, assault generally means putting someone in reasonable fear that harmful or offensive contact with them is imminent. For example, in a heated argument, anything from harsh words to a raised fist could lead the recipient to believe that an offensive contact was about to follow, and that they are therefore being assaulted. In fact, no contact need occur at all: an assault charge can stand on its own in most jursidictions. Whatever happened between Mr. Bale and his family, the public must remember two things. First, an allegation, until proven, is only an allegation. Second, the word assault is not synonymous with the words "beat up."


Bale seems too in-control of himself and too smart to ever physically go after anyone


Not enough info has been released....assault can be as innocent as touching someone's clothes or as bad as hitting and beating someone up. Obviously his sister and mum didn't go to a hospital and they went straight to the police. Plus, if it wasn't that severe why try to ruin your son's and/or brother's career just before his big premier. It could've been resolved among the family. The news is going to blow it up as if he beat the hell out of his family, but I think with the fact his mum and sis didn't go to the hospital first shows that they weren't injured. Also the fact they went straight to the police to file a Formal complaint, which is no big deal, shows that it wasn't as severe as the news makes it out to be, and they didn't arrest Bale immediately but only want to question him to hear his account. This tells me the mum and sis had no physical injuries for the police to convict him with. And you never know with his mum and sis, he's so successful (especially now) that they might want a piece of the pie. Money and success changes people and family is no exception so it's easy to see mum and sis as a victim, but to play devil's advocate I can also see that his mum and sis might be trying to get some press or money out of Bale due to his success with the Batman franchise... So we'll see as more unfolds....