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Jonas Brothers Moving to Texas: Photos of New Home

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 jonas brothers at disney camp rock premiere

The Jonas Brothers have purchased a $2,895,000 home in Westlake, TX, a suburb of Dallas.  Acting as power of attorney, their mother, Denise Jonas, closed on the house June 12.

Located in the upscale gated community of Vaquero Club, the 7360 square foot home overlooks the 6th and 7th fairways of the Tom Fazio designed golf course.

The youngest, Nick, was born in Dallas, but grew up with his brothers in New Jersey.  The boys currently reside in Los Angeles.

I'm betting not even the 24-hour manned security gate and 6 foot high stone walls surrounding the community are going to deter determined teenage girls hoping to catch a glimpse of teen idols Kevin, 20, Joe, 18, and Nick, 15, lying by their swimming pool. And the rate of sleepovers in the homes of the girls living in the neighborhood are bound to skyrocket.

The Jonas Brothers are currently on tour and their third album hits stores on August 12.

View photos of the home below.

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  • jonas brothers texas home 2
  • jonas brothers texas home 3
  • jonas brothers texas home 4
  • jonas brothers texas home 5
  • jonas brothers texas home 6
  • jonas brothers texas home 7
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  • jonas brothers texas home 9
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That house is the worlds ugliest house I have ever seen, !


My uncle is taking me and my best friend to dallas on a road trip soon! so hopefully we will run into them.
Brandon, i went Christ for the Nations a few times myself when there dad preached there. I never got to meet them though, just heard there dad. Great family though. Maybe when i go to Dallas i will run into there dad, im sure he will remember me. i always sat at the front. haha.
I met there bus driver recently and he is very nice as well.


Hey what’s up jonas bros. I personally only like old school and oldies but I like your guys music a lot! I am 19 years old I live in Oxnard California. I look like any typical mexican thug straight out of the hood but you know people profile me so much I aint nothing like that and my friends are kinda screw ups but you know I believe that when they are ready they will change and my friends make fun of me cuz I like your music it would so be so cool to get the chance to meet you nick and your bros or even just to get a response from you. I just wanted to let you would be surprise who your music can impact.


Is it true Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are Splitsville are is it nick and Hannah Montana totally was


i think for 2.8 mill the house is ugly . good luck on meeting them . unless u live in the house next door.


I'm moving to Keller TX this summer so I'll be super close. I know what I'm doing this summer... Finding their house!!


Does anybody know there adress where the JB now are living? because I'm from belgium and in August I went to America and I wanted to visited them..
so pleas anybody?? can you answer? xD


Oh my word! That is a super stunning house! I feel quite jealous, I would love to live in a house like that :) Jonas family - you guys seriously rock! If I'm ever so lucky as to meet you guys in person someday that would be amazing! So... you either come touring in South Africa, or I'll have to wait till I go to the USA (hope either way it won't be too long!). Enjoy the house and guys, stay as sweet as you are! Keep on rockin'! P.S. Is it just me, or does it seem like 4 out of 5 of you guys who commented, live in the same area as the JB? Because personally I don't think it's possible but if it is - I feel sorry for the boys. Remember... going crazy and trying to win their attention isn't gonna work guys... and like someone else commented - in the end only four girls will get lucky someday... actually three coz Kevin is now marrying Dani. So be yourselves:)


these guuys have great music!!!!!!!!!!


I really love these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!