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A New Face for Marlie Casseus (Photos and Video)

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16-year-old Marlie Casseus has undergone four surgeries to remove an 18-pound tumor that covered almost her entire face and hampered her breathing.  The entire process was chronicled on the Discovery Health Channel's A New Face for Marlie.

Marlie suffers from McCune-Albright syndrome (polyostotic fibrous dysplasia), a genetic disorder of bones, skin pigmentation and hormonal problems, along with premature puberty.  The growth completely disfigured her facial features, causing her to become reclusive to avoid scorn and repulsion in her native country of Haiti.  Most people there believed Marlie's disfigurement was the work of the devil.

With most of her mouth and nasal passages blocked, Marlie was only able to eat and breathe through one very narrow passage.  The tumor began to close on her throat and made breathing difficult.  It would have also eventually caused blindness.

All four surgeries were performed at the Holtz Children's Hospital, at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Florida, and documented for the television program.

The International Kids Fund partnered with Good Samaritan for a Better Life to fund Marlie's surgeries, which began when she arrived in Miami with a tracheotomy to insert a breathing tube.

After her surgeries, doctors indicated that Marlie might required further cosmetic surgeries at a later date, but said the growth would not return.

The first words Marlie uttered when the tracheotomy was removed were "thank you."

View photos and video below.

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We saw the beauty in you even before you had the surgeries. we hope you feel better and all your family. It doesn't matter what's on the outside but what's on the inside is what matters .You are a blessing to the world.


Marlie is a beautiful and young girl no matter what any one says and she was always normal and she still is and god will always be on her side


Hello Marlie I pray that God continues to bless you and your family tremendously. You are beautiful and full of life and let no one tell you other wise. Continue to put God first and he will take care of you forever. You are an inspiration to all and I wish you many blessings.


I just stumble upon this amazing story of the bravest young girl I have ever heard of. I am truly encouraged by what God has done for Marlie and through this remarkable story I have truly learned that there is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...Isaiah 53.5 tells us by Jesus' stripe we are healed and have seen it through this wonderful, beautiful young girl...God bless you Marlie and may you be open to the journey the Lord has for you and know that this testimony is for the Glory of God, make good use of the life He has given you...Go about doing great things in the Mighty name of Jesus...peace and blessings


i saw the sad story marlie i am speaking from heart. evn with scars your veru pretty i just know theres hope for you even in many ways i know you dont look like this anymore but nobodys perfect but on the in side theres a light that shows hey mabye you are. bless you.


That is wonderful I've been caught up and this story and hoping theres no bad endin bless her


Marlie, God is awesome! He touched your life for a reason. I was so touched by all you went through (and maybe are going through). Whether you realize it here and now or later. He made you the precious person you are through all you suffered. Thank God for his wisdom. I wish we were not a thousand miles away, and I could hug you and tell you how special you are and how your life has touched me.


marlie, you are an inspiration on humans who face things like you have, you are very beautiful and dont give up


Marlie, you have made me grateful for my life and all my blessings. I'm sure you affect others in the same way, and give them the strength to carry on. We're praying for you.


Dear sweet child, this is the first time i seen this documentary and m heart was filled with pain ,but you have to be the bravert little girl ive ever seen in my life. i have a little girl about your age and if you were here i would want you two to be would recieve nothong but love and compassion here with us.i love you now .