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Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, Unlikely Alliance Thrives (Photos)

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Woody Allen, 72, and his wife of 11 years, Soon-Yi Previn, 37, were out and about in Hollywood last night. The couple were photographed leaving Mr. Chow restaurant.

Their story started in a most sordid way back in 1992 when Soon-Yi Previn's mother, actress Mia Farrow, discovered that her partner of 12 years, Allen, had been having a sexual relationship with her then 21 year old adopted daughter. The revelation broke up the relationship and cause the severing of ties between mother and daughter.

Allen, famed film director, actor, writer, comedian, playwright and jazz musician continues to play the clarinet and performs with his band every Monday night at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. The group specializes in New Orleans jazz. They played at the Montreal Jazz Festival in June. His film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, starring Penelope Cruz premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

Soon-Yi went on to earn a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Special Eduction in 1998, a year after the couple married. They have two adopted daughters.

Check out more photos below.   Woody has sued American Apparel for $10 million.  It goes to court on May 18, 2009 and promises to get nasty - because the clothier plans to bring up Allen's 1990's sex scandal with Mia and Soon-Yi.

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woody allen mia farrow and soon yi undated 1990s photo

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If they have 2 adopted daughters wouldn't she be a little worried that may happen to her daughters....Oh my bad, when they are adopted they are not apart of your family, it's only when they are your birth children....had soon li been his biological child would things be different? ....HE MAY NOT BE A PEDOPHILE BUT INCEST IS INCEST NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.....BIOLOGICAL OR ADOPTED......


I see nothing wrong with their relationship. Firstly, Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia Farrow (meaning no blood ties), secondly, she was with-in the legal age limit. Though I find it wrong that he was having sexual relations with his then partner's adopted daughter, 19 years later, you can tell in was consentual, and not forced upon Soon-Yi. They found love in each other at the wrong time really. But soon enough that was fixed and they seem happy together. I see no reason to call him a pedophile, as really, from our knowledge, he isn't. But everyone views things differently, and this is simply how I see it.


The man was having sexual relations BEFORE she was 21yrs oldl. Read the ARTICLE. I agree with Karma, if he did it once, he will do it again. Man is a pedophile, he just had fame and fortune behind him and he married her when she just turned 21 so she was legal.


The only people who retort with animosity are the bitter and profoundly disturbed.


Two adopted DAUGHTERS, did it say? Soon Yi had better watch out! Woody apparently feels that adopted family members are fair game for his sexual urges.


Woody is not her father, Andre Previn is. And she was 21 when they got together. I'm happy for them because how often do you get to be with maybe the one person that really makes you happy. Be honest now. How often. It's rare. Half of all marriages end in divorce in America. They seem very well suited for each other.