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Scarlett Johansson Tattoo

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scarlett johansson tattoo 3

When Scarlett Johansson turned up with a tattoo at the London premiere of her film "The Other Boleyn Girl" in February, no one knew what to make of the new ink.

The actress sports a brightly-colored, cartoonish looking sun setting over the ocean, with a star shining in the sky, on her left forearm.  There was speculation that the tattoo was a fake, or that it had some hidden meaning.

In reality, Johansson got the mysterious tattoo over a year ago and although no one really noticed, she has been seen out and about with the skin ink prominently on display.

As for unraveling the mystery of the tattoo's meaning - for now, people will have to continue to speculate.  Scarlett has thus far been mum about the subject.

More photos below.

scarlett johansson tattoo 1scarlett johansson tattoo 2scarlett johansson tattoo 3

Nice to see the sun in front of the clouds for a change


her tattoo makes me remember this other one... she said that it's a "sunrise and that when she sees it , it makes her happy...."she supported Don't you think her tattoo could have a 'hidden meaning'? A greeting from Majorca