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Dasha Astafieva is Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriend

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 dasha astafieva hugh hefners new girlfriend

Dasha Astafieva, a Ukranian model, is upsetting the pecking order in the Playboy mansion by capturing Hugh Hefner's heart and becoming his new girlfriend.

Hef's current girlfriends, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt are said to be "fuming mad" at the prospect of Dasha becoming a live-in at the mansion and a regular on their reality series The Girls Next Door.

With tensions already running high among the girls (Holly and Kendra recently took their feud to Myspace), the competition for Hef's attention has become really intense among the girls because of the brunette bombshell who stunned Hef with her "natural endowments and beauty."

At the top of the pecking order, Holly has the most to lose as Hef's number one gal.

According to sources:

Dasha snared Hefner after being invited to the Playboy mansion recently as part of a competition to chose the cover model for the magazine’s New Year’s issue. Since then, Hef has been accompanying Dasha on outings, holding her hand and even sitting in on her nude photo shoots.

Hef was recently spotted out and about with a bevy of new beauties.  I wonder if Dasha was among them.

More photos of Dasha Astafieva below.

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Come on people, these women are basically prostitutes just accept it. What you won't accept, is there's nothing wrong with them being prostitutes. Hugh gets what he wants, they get what they want, it's an entirely consensual relationship. But come on, love? Love has nothing to do with this. Grow up people.


Russians and Ukranians are almost the same thing. Im Russian so I would know. In the 14th century there were two tribes one is modern day Russia and the other one is modern day Ukraine. The only difference is language.


i think nobody will ever take the place of holly brigett and kendra i think they are all great the show was ace will not be the same with out them i think they did a lot for the mansion and heff should be greatfull


Why are all of you calling her Russian? It says right in the article that she's Ukrainian. Would you like if someone called you Canadian just 'cause we're close to them? Common people, learn to read and think.


OMG, you said it. The Russian girl is BEAUTIFUL, those twins are fugly and white trash (even I would only do it when double-bagged and drunk, I think) , and Holly is past her expiration date (not in age, but in her personality's charms). You know what I think the turning point was? When Hef gave the girl her 55th anniversary necklace, she cried, so beautifully and real, and then Holly came in and helped her put it on. Holly gave this fake ass laugh and the Russian girl was truly emotional -- it was such a contrast. I think Hef saw how fake Holly was, really was, overall, and saw the true beauty in the Russian girl. That Russian girl, I would marry her, even if she wasn't pretty. Something about her is breathtaking and oh, so real, it's dizzying. Also, the girl whose mother was a playmate was simply gorgeous as well. I'm sure she has a place in Playboy's future. The other girls, not so much. Meh, for them.
I'm a Dasha fan now though, for sure!


It doesnt really matter if Dasha is dating hef cuz
1. Holly left Hef
2/ kendra is engaged
3. bridget has her own show and is leaving so im sure those girls dont give a shit, the only ones freaking out are those ugly twins, cuz Dasha is gorgeous compared to them


From what I understand Holly is out of the picture. Her and Hef are broken up. So she is still going to live at the mansion?? Sleep in Hef's bed??
I doubt it. So I don't think there will be four girls. I think there will only be 3 (or maybe 5 if we are to believe he is also bagging the new twins)


I really enjoy watching the Girl's Next Door, and must say it will not be the same with a fourth girl. No matter who she is, I believe it wil destroy the chemistry that makes the show. Hef may be older and love himself, but seeing how kind and respectful he is to the women, I can understand what makes him so lovable....although I have to admit if he lived in a singlewide and drove a pinto, he would be less desirable!


Hef is 82 years old and a old lone wolf among all these women.He loves himself and will not commit himself to anyone.
He free ticket to ride and money...i believe some women are in for the money.
I believe Holly really loves him..


I read today that Ashlee Ricci is Hef's new girlfriend and that she may have come from the Kwicherbichen Bikini Team like Kendra? I wonder if someone somehow got mixed up and meant Dasha Astaieve was on the Kwicherbichen Bikini Team?