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Kim Kardashian Says Goodbye To Her Butt (Photos)

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kim k stunning

Kim Kardashian may be known for her ample derrière but she's no one trick pony. She also stars in her family's reality show on E!Keepingup with the Kardashian's, has an exercise DVD, Work Out With Kim Kardashian, helps her family with their clothing store Smooch and Dash and will be releasing her own perfume next year.

Kim hit the media radar when former boyfriend R&B singer Ray J released a private sex tape of the two. The tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment and she later received a $5 million settlement in the case.

Moving forward, Kim has been dating NFL player Reggie Bush for a little over a year and the two seem very much in love. Kim did an interview with Radar magazine recently and talked about her body:

"I love that I am curvy, but I am on a major kick to try and lose weight, especially in my butt. I am just over it! When you are posing on the red carpet and the paparazzi shout, 'Turn Around, Turn Around!' - it gets a little offensive. I have seen magazines where plastic surgeons are saying, 'If you want a butt like this then it has to be fake.' I'm just like 'dude have you ever seen an Armenian girl before?"

Kim has dodged rumors throughout the years that her curvy behind was made ample with implants. Personally I don't think it is fake --look at Jennifer Lopez. Nobody is calling her butt fake.

You tell us, do you think Kim should lose her booty or stay true to her Armenian roots? Check out more photos of Kim below as well as on her personal website - one of our favorites celebrity sites.

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Photos: WENN

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I agree with angela jlos butt is real nobody is calling jlos butt make because you can tell it isn't. Not like the plastic kim that looks she walks around with a round fishbowl glued to her ass. Its not real at all! I cannot stand this woman she's useless. I bet her father would not be proud.


No one calls Jennifer Lopez's butt fake because it isn't.


Come on people Kim's butt is fake as the day is long and so is Jlo.. i mean PR, what... did you see Jlo in "in living color" her butt was wide ans she was sorta fat, she lost weight but she kept a stuck out butt... not happening captain,, sorry but you lil Jlo PR queen is fake too!


Did you compare Jlo to Kim in the sense of we don't think Jlo does not have butt implants-Come on man for one Jlo is Puerto Rican- so thats so out of bounds-
Anyway I think kim has a real butt Im a huge fan but I don't want her in play boy I like to imagine


No way! She needs to keep that booty... it's awesome.