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Michael Kutcher is Ashton Kutcher's Twin Brother

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ashton kutchers twin brother michael kutcher

Michael Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher's twin brother, was born with cerebral palsy, a condition in which the motor-control centers of the brain are damaged.

The twins grew up in the cornfields of Iowa and Ashton was Michael’s self-appointed protector. “That was a big part of my life,” Ashton recalls, “kind of looking out for my twin.”

The experience helped give the actor an "understanding of what it's like to be the other guy," his pal and business partner, Jason Goldberg, says. "'Why my brother and not me?’” He says Kutcher emanates a particular kind of warmth—that he’s like the popular kid in school who was nice to all the losers: "That's a big strength of his."

“I was the kid with the big Coke-bottle glasses, the hearing aid,” says Michael Kutcher, who still lives in Iowa, where he sells retirement plans. “There was a lot of teasing, a lot of the normal mean stuff.”

For Ashton, a biochemical-engineering major who dropped out of the University of Iowa at age 19, school "came really easy," and he seems to find the entertainment business as easy as he found his best subject, math.

At the peak of his career, and just after being named the world's most eligible bachelor, Ashton decided to tie the knot with Demi Moore, 15 years his senior.

Ashton says he quickly got over any issues he had with her close relationship with her ex, Bruce Willis.

"You walk into a relationship and there's always jealousies, like, 'Oh, the other guy'... and, in this case, the other guy is Bruce Willis!

"But my wife's a smart individual, one of the smartest people I know," he says. "If she likes and respects this person, then I think I can get over my jealousy."

Michael Kutcher says that Ashton quickly realized that “for the love of the girls, Demi included, he just had to get over that whole jealousy thing. All of them together, with Bruce, do an amazing job at raising that family.”

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Shame on Aston Kutcher; He has a twin brother who he obviously has been hiding from the public; the sibling has cerebral palsy-he has abnormal earslobs(large) and
needs corrective surgey; his eyeglasses are thick like coke bottles. Why doesn't Aston help his brother to improve his physical looks, thereby giving him strength
and courage to go forward. Aston forgets that as quickly as you rise, is high quickly one can fall. Do something for your bother Aston, or your higher power will do
something to you!
Dorothy Reistetter

@ Anonymous

Or perhaps he's secure enough with himself that he doesn't care about what other people (like you) say about his appearance? You dick. He's got a celebrity brother who would likely do anything for him and introduce him to anyone he wants.


Look nothing a like.


I am a fraternal twin also and my twin sister was also born with cerebral palsy. We are now 24 years old and I can totally relate to this story in this aspect. But I really wish that Ashton Kutcher could have maybe used his fame to raise awareness for his brother's condition. I haven't been able to find anything online on his raising awareness or even that many support groups for siblings of people with this condition. I love my sister dearly and have spent my life caring for her and helping my mom to take care of her too. We just take everyday as it comes and have been through a lot but we try to make the best of things.


Hope he is happy being married to that COUGAR, because he wouldn't have amounted to anything!


they do look alike the fface shape eyes hair mouth and i think micheal is cuter


@ Ed & Maria...They are FRATERNAL twins. Just because you are twins does not mean you have to look exactly alike!! The article should be more about Michael not Ashton! Some people are just DAH!!!
The two of you proved a point DON"T need brain damage to be stupid!I am the proud parent of a child with CP!!!


LMAO @ Ems! Great! I really liked the buisness partners comment: "...he’s like the popular kid in school who was nice to all the losers.." Im sure he ment it in the warmest sense!


Maria, Did you even read the article you idiot? He is disabled, and you should be ashamed of yourself. ED, you're an idiot too.


ashton has a good heart <3


they dont look alike