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Andrea Peyser to Lisa Altobelli: Your Stupid Cat Deserved to Die!

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andrea peyser new york post article

Andrea Peyser's controversial New York Post article 

"The stupid cat had it coming," writes New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser in a controversial article she wrote blasting Lisa Altobelli and the New York court system for "eating up precious court time and tax dollars" over a dead cat.

Norman, Lisa Altobelli's beloved tabby cat, was bludgeoned to death by her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Petcka, who claims he killed Norman in self-defense after being bitten on the hand.

"Why can't we just ask Petcka to clean a few hundred litter boxes, and end this fiasco?" Miss Peyser writes in the New York Post article titled "Felonious Ball of Fur Deserved Every Blow," which has outraged many readers.

The article has stirred up quite a controversy, as some of the following reader comments can attest:

"I have been a fan of Ms. Peyser for a while. And I am extremely disappointed in this column. I have an orange Manx, who exhibits similar traits to Norman. He is protective of me, doesn't like my boyfriend and does not let my boyfriend pet him, and has an attitude problem. But he is my cat, and I love him. And if my boyfriend or anyone else hurt him, I would not be a good force to deal with.

The point is, Norman was an cat. Who is more evolved, cat or human? Who has the capacity (especially when outweighing the opponent by 100 pounds or more) to walk away from a confrontation? This man was wrong, and deserves to be punished. He had a choice- walk away and call animal control, break up with his girlfriend because her cat didnt like him, or just leave the cat alone. And he made the extreme choice that cannot be undone. He is an animal, brutal, acting on primitive impulses and cold. I hope they throw the book at him.

Ms. Peyser, I am extremely disappointed in your attitude toward this. I know I can't change your opinion, but the least you can do is show a little compassion for a species that is constantly regarded as lower than humans. If they truly are less than us, then the better of the two (this man) had a responsibility to make the right choice. And he didn't"

"It's a shame when you read the news and realize how many losers are out there...Including Peyser. I guess she is attempting to get noticed by "shocking" people. Tip for Peyser: when you look like a horse you should definitely stand up against animal cruelty!!"

"Ms Peyser, what is wrong with you? This was not a column written by a mentally and emotionally well person. Seek help. "

 "You are simply ignorant. I have no idea how the Post can pay you for writing such ill-informed, abusive garbage. Not that abusing an animal isn't reason enough for this coward to face jailtime, but are you not aware of the connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence? According to the Humane Society, 85% of battered women enterring shelters reported pet abuse in their household. Animal cruelty is not only repulsive but is an indication of one's capacity for violence to other living creatures...including humans."

"I think everyone who is offended by this joke of a writer should send all of their dirty kitty litter to Andrea at the NY Post. Let's barrage her with it."

Read about the killing and view the photos that started it all - Joseph Petcka: Cat Killer Claims Self-Defense

Read Andrea Peyser's New York Post article

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Ms. Peyser has her First Amendment right to spout whatever venomous idiocy she wishes and the New York Post can publish it. I recommend a boycott of said paper. A bankrupt paper can no longer spread its diseased viewpoint when the collectors devour it.


Something is wrong with Andrea Peyser. After reading her heartless reaction to the memorial of Michael Jackson and her cruel comment about his daughter Paris, why is this woman still employed? This is not funny nor a joke. I just read her article about the death of a poor cat. She is full of vengence and hate. I would like to know how I can also contact the post and urge the editiors to please FIRE THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING!!!!


Andrea Peyser gets paid money for spewing the excrement that she does so well. The more excitement she creates, the more money she makes. If so many people want her gone from the post then they should quit buying the ny post.


I lost two of my beloved cats recently, and the one thing I'm grateful for is that they didn't suffer. Thanks to people like Joseph Petcka, other animals don't get that privilege. How dare that bitch Peyser act like animals don't matter! Cats are loving compassionate animals, and if she can't see that, she can go to hell. I just hope that there's good people left in the world who will see that people like Petcka and Michael Vick should never be allowed on the streets again.


As a Vet tech, I was deeply saddened when I heard about the Norman tragedy. I was absolutly enraged by Ms. Peyser's article. I can't believe the New York post would let her print such utter excrement filled with just hatred, defending someone who is obviously a real sicko for kicking to death a declawed 7 lb cat. Join us by signing the open petition to the NY post demanding she be fired. There should be no room for ANYONE in the media who would promote such senseless violence, and justify killing an animal in any condition.


please add my request to fire ms. peyser immediately for her abusive article about the cat that was killed. what an offensive article. thankfully the matter is in the hands of the courts where it belongs.
doesn't the Post have any other writers they can utilize? i know there are probably thousands of better writers in the city that would be an asset to you paper.


Done. I am done with The New York Post. Hoping only that someone will come along and (almost) beat the life out of this poor excuse for a human. It would be a better case if she were beaten and Norman just watched! She does look like a horse doens't she?


So it's better to stay with a drunken abusive man who might even kill or seriously injure his partner than to choose a pet over someone like this. How desperate are you?


i couldn't believe that article. what the hell is wrong with the media. hope you get fired andrea, but the paper probably approves of it since it wasn't edited out.


What a scumbag this lowlife 2 bit actor is to do that to a cat and for the NY post LOSER journalist Peyser to defend him makes no sense. Both sociopaths, they should be beaten to death as well. I hope Peta gets involved and she loses her job and no one ever hires him as an actor. As far as the owner goes, after all that wailing and talking about the cat, YOU WOULD THINK SHE WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER CAT WITH HER. Another dumb ass.