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Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders Show Too Much (Photos)

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 idaho vandals cheerleaders photo 1

The good citizens of Moscow, Idaho have been quite vocal about the athletic uniforms of one of their college sports teams and the cheerleading squad at the University of Idaho.  A month ago they rose up in protest over a UI logo that was sewn onto the butt of Vandals players football pants.  The offending patch was promptly removed.

Now the folks in the stands have taken their own stand against what they collectively consider the skimpy and inappropriate uniforms of the Idaho Vandals cheerleading squad.  The cute two piece uni features a halter top and skirt ensemble and was said to have caused some of the squad members to be flashing more than their team spirit. It has been likened to what the NFL cheerleaders wear and got the boot just one month into the school year.

Dean of Student Affairs, Bruce Pitman, said that they were sensitive to community pressure, although he did admit that some fans loved the uniforms.   The girls tried wearing black volleyball shorts and football jersey tops but that was only a temporary nod to the crowd.  The athletic director, Rob Spears, has spent $4,200 to purchase new uniforms that will arrive in time for the October 4th game.  They are said to feature a less revealing halter top and a skirt that is 6" longer.

Added note:  one of our readers pointed out that Idaho has a Mormon population that represents 20% of the religious community of the state.  Things are starting to make more sense.  The viewer told us that cheerleaders at their school had to wear long sleeved turtleneck shirts and to-the-knees biker shorts under their uniforms.  Amazing but true.  Go Vandals!

Check out photo gallery below.

  • girls tried volleyball shorts and jersey tops
  • another cheer squad opts for one piece dress
  • vandal cheerleaders crowd says too skimpy girls
  • idaho vandals cheerleaders photo 1
  • another view

  • butt shot shows offending patch removed under pressure from town
  • another butt shot of ui logo

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I just saw two girl`s from the local Catholic High School inside the mall today. Talk about short skirt`s! They were required uniform`s as mandated by the school. But Wow they were short. And boy`s have to pay attention in class? Leave the cheerleader`s alone I say.


the cheer leaders are hot babes!!!!


I say LaurenF is the whole hog here,and whats the F stand for?


@laurenF, White girls just wanna have fun, what happend to you?


Sariah is population and influence is primarily in the SE portion of Idaho. Northern Idaho has much fewer Mormons and there's often an outright anti -mormon bias in the north. Don't underestimate the desire for propriety among the general population. Cheerleading should be cheerleading, not burlesque.


good! The uniforms were butt ugly and barely covered their behinds. The cheerleaders themselves didn't find them comfortable, so what is the big deal? I think all the publicity is just aimed at making anything NOT sexual be the bad guy in the public eye.


Since when is Idaho Utah, the new costum is totally not attractive. Do's girls are cheerleaders, the cloth they are wearing is a part of cheerleading, go to a other state or dont watch the cheerleaders if you dont like it. Cheerleaders need to be wear short skirts, cheerleaders are mend to be sexy and attractive and its a part of the game!


As a former Vandal, I can reassure you that yes, Idaho is a pretty conservative and religious state, but I wouldn't call northern Idaho (where the University of Idaho is located) either religious or conservative. In fact, if you talk to most residents of northern Idaho, they don't want to be associated with Idahoans from southern Idaho. So don't blame this decision on "the Mormons". Secondly, those cheerleader uniforms are just not attractive. They are just plain ugly. Some of the cheerleaders themselves weren't comfortable in the uniforms. To the "added note" at the end of the article... I don't know know where that particular person went to school, but I have lived in both southern and northern Idaho, and all the high school cheerleaders I saw wore normal uniforms without the knee-length biker shorts. Even the cheerleaders at what was formerly Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho... yes, a Mormon school) wore short cheerleading skirts. They had turtlenecks to wear under their tops for cold weather, not as a normal part of their uniform. They just didn't wear *extremely* short skirts or stomach-baring tops.


i came looking expecting something off the wall or revealing. hardly. there are girls wearing less in high school and no im not talking cheerleaders im saying students and daily. and then they change the unis to include volleyball shorts?? more revealing than the skirt things they were wearing for sure.


Ironic because this is coming from Idaho, the most conservative state in the union. It's the religious right battling sexism/patriarchy for control. I say go whole hog and call them prostitutes instead of cheerleaders