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Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Photos)

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elisabeth and tim hasselbeck at white house

Tim Hasselbeck is a former quarterback who played one game for the Arizona Cardinals last year.   His only other NFL action was in 2003.   The 30 year old works as a television sports analyst for the SportsNet New York network, ESPN and as a radio personality for Sirius NFL Radio.

He is the son of former NFL tight end Don Hasselbeck and the younger brother of Matt Hassebeck, starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  He is married to The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth is rumored to be considering a move to FOX News. She is a staunch Republican and a vocal George W. Bush supporter who got an invite to the White House for the state dinner for Queen Elizabeth.   The blonde beauty has been butting heads with outspoken Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over her political views.  Things have turned decidedly ugly lately with the two double teaming Hasselbeck.  Word has it that Barbara Walters has pulled everyone together to discuss the latest round of brawls.

Apparently her little spiel didn't carry much weight.  The very next morning the women were involved in a knockdown, dragout brawl of words.  Check out the video here.

Hasselbeck got into some hot water at a luncheon on September 8th when she contrasted previous guests Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama.  She said the main difference was that Obama brought a list of topics that were off limits and McCain did not.  Hasselbeck angered her working partners by suggesting that based on her observation, Cindy McCain was the one with nothing to hide.

The Hasselbeck's have two children, a daughter Grace, 3, and a son Taylor who is 10 months old.  He was born during their short stint in Arizona.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck fitness photo shoot available here.

Check out our photo gallery below.  Elisabeth will be campaigning with Sarah Palin.

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God Help Us! What did ABC see? or is there something in the dark?


Elizsbeth should not be so hateful,every thing that the president do is not bad.she complains what could she do better,it makes her come off as a racists.


I find Elizabeth very rude and ill mannered. She could win more listeners to her opinion if she was more mannerly. On a lot of her view points she is over the top. There doesnt seem to be any respect from her for Barbara or anyone else. Her opinion is the only one that counts.


Dear Elisabeth, Your positive statements about the
family values and the bad things going on in the gov.
are good. We need more conservative, sincere ladies
like Sara Pallin. You must stop wearing clevage showing, sleevless
and knee showing cloths. That is so cheap!! PLEASE be a new, high class example and wear
clothing that covers your CHEST, UPPER ARMS
and KNEES !!!!! Many thank yous from the women
and daughters of America!! As YOU make the fashion
back to respectful cloths!!!


Hope she leaves soon for fox can't happen soon enough. I will then start watching the View.


Elisabeth is my hero! She's smart, well-spoken, and beautiful.


I agree with Ryan. It's pretty funny to listen to you people talking about change and lying. Look at the mess BO administration is making right now. Where is the great change? It's still the same crap with a different platform. EH owes no one an apology and if you've watched the women get heated, but get over it and get along pretty well. I noticed one of the people said "There is nothing more frustrating than watching a female in a position where she could do good have the exact opposite effect. " The same could be said of Joy Behar. She sounds like a frustrated angry crazy idiot when it comes to her politics, so lets not single out Elizabeth.


While very well put together, your argument is propped up solely by an uber liberal perspective. Liberals have a deep hate for George W Bush; Mrs. Hasselbeck tries to bring another viewpoint to the table and all she gets is ridicule. While telling you from their mouths that they are diverse and tolerant, liberals really only subscribe to a singular mindset of "believe what you want, so long as it's exactly like the rest of us." Following that, they pour on the vile ridicule of those who oppose them, with dare I say "hate speech." I believe I saw some of that exact language in one of the responses above. You're a great example of tolerating people who are not like you. So caring.


We must understand that people like EH have a fundamental inability to except change and responsibility. Deep in her heart she knows Former Pres. Bush was wrong and inexcusibly foolish in his policies and under the table deals(arms and monetary), but to admit this would require her to also admit that she was mistaken in her trust and theories in the republican beliefs that the rich come first, and u get yours because I have mine already. The lady is truly misinformed and misguided.


She is actually to be pitied more than anything. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a female in a position where she could do good have the exact opposite effect. She is the poster child for the dumb blond...apologies to all real blondes.