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Tyler Perry Studios Opens in Atlanta

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Tyler Perry has opened a new movie and television studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tyler Perry Studios opening ceremony took place on Saturday with R&B singer Mary J Blige entertaining the audience, which included celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Whitney Houston, Sidney Poitier,  Hank Aaron and Forest Whitaker.

The new multimillion-dollar studio is housed on 30 acres in southwest Atlanta , and contains over 200,000 square feet of studio and office space.  It is located in an area which was once home to Delta Airlines finance, reservation and computer center.

Perry had considered leaving Atlanta after neighbors complained about the noise and traffic in his old studio location near downtown.

"I was thinking about leaving at one point, but this is home for me," Perry told reporters.

Perry will shoot his TBS sitcoms "House of Payne" and "Meet the Browns" at the new Tyler Perry Studios.

Cameras caught up with Will Smith at the opening ceremony of Tyler Perry Studios. View video below.

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Wonderful piece...


i am a writer and i would like to meet Tlyer Perry.




how much is it? me and my family are going to take a tour of the TP Studios, and we can't seem to find how much it is. does anybody know?


We love you and what you are doing Mr. family reunion will be held in Atlanta July 2-4, 2010 and would like to know if there is a tour of the studios available. Or doo you have any promotional items to donate as a welcome gift to our family members? Thanks in advance
Mattie Baxter


I'll bet ( if I was a betting woman) you don't check these comments. I have been looking for you for quite some time. If you recognize my name please call or just come by. Never met you or received anything. I think I know how it all happened. Daphne Danette Binion-McDowell


Hi, I work at a school with teens who have an emotional behavior disorders in Lawrenceville Ga. I was wondering if you could bring your message to our school. There are so many young black teens who need to know that they are in charge of their destiny. If you will be in town the graduation is May 26, 2010. You can email me and I'll send you my number. Thanks so much!!
Mary Bradford


Hey Tyler; My family survived the earthquake that happened in Haiti, my mom told me while she was in the earthquake she was just praying to God that I would pursue my dreams as an actor so here I am making an attemp!


I strongly agree w/ Suzie who posted a comment...Tyler is awesome, a mighty vessel God has blessed w/ talent..and i strongly agree, each and every person who admires the man, should have SOME deceny and NOT compliment, and LOOK 4 hand-outs or favors.. grant it..if u DON'T ASK, THEN U DON'T RECEIVE..i believe in that as well, but have some respect. I have the SAME EXACT desires as many of the others, I have writing the story of my life, would love 2 work w/ Tyler Perry, etc, etc, but I will not bring myself to JUMP AT HIM, as if just because he is a successful "brother", he OWES me anything, i know and believe when my time comes, IT WILL COME, and when God blesses, and has ur ram in the bush, it may come by way of ANYone, GOD, will deliver that opp. and person in all our lives who have such desires, just WAIT on Him.., LEAVE TYLER B..4 God's sake!!, his time/opp. came...urs will too, jst as i know mine will......W/that said..U GO TYLER, do u, and cont. 2 keep ur brothers and sista's happy, and smiling!! HUGS AND KISSES!!


hello, tyler perry. i am so proud to hear you are doing another movie. i have seen all the movies and plays, and they are awesome. i am singer and i act also i am a comedian, i believe in god and in myself. a lot of people have talent, but we all have to be real and believe in our self and believe in god. i have a video of myself on, go to how to broadcast your own video, then go to kims no more rain. i am the first video you will see, i live for god i breathe for god and i have faith in my god. that my dreams will come true. because, you said something on your play. and this is so true, you can have leaves and branches, but if you do not have roots with your life and what you want in your life, you will not grow. that is what i got out of that message. keep up the awesome, work and god bless you with all your endeavors!!!!!!! kimberlynn