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Miss Universe Canada HOT Bikini Shoot PHOTOS

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 miss universe 01 wenn2130261

Some lovely ladies from Canada took part in a HOT bikini photo shoot this week at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  The group included the current Miss Universe Canada Samantha Tajik, Miss Vancouver Lina Lombana and Miss Toronto Aleksandra Malkin.

All three women competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant earlier this year.  Samantha Tajik was crowned Miss Universe Canada on April 28, 2008 and competed in the Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam this past July.   The dark beauty is Persian and immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was two years old.

Check out the entire photo gallery below.

  • miss universe 02 wenn2130262
  • miss universe 03 wenn2130263
  • miss universe 08 wenn2130268
  • miss universe 07 wenn2130267

  • miss universe 09 wenn21302691
  • miss universe 11 wenn2130271
  • miss universe 12 wenn2130272
  • miss universe 18 wenn2130278

  • miss universe 15 wenn2130275
  • miss universe 14 wenn2130274
  • miss universe 05 wenn2130265
  • miss universe 16 wenn2130276

Photos:  WENN
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she must do nose job! No class! just cuz i know her, and she needs to stop lip injections!


SAMANTHA TAJIK= Plastic surgery gone wrong!! girl get stop messin with your face!! (caked on makeup and one too many lip injections) ALEKSANDRA MALKIN: She looks tall and has a decent figure, thats about all shes got goin for her thou, the girl is not very pretty , has weird ceiling eyes and needs a nose job. Im sure she will have lots of egyptian & indian fans thou. LINA LOMBANA: Cute, but forgettable. Lets get some real contestants Canada!