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Will Smith Gay According to Madame

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will smith gay

Will Smith is gay and has employed the services of a notorious Hollywood madame to provide him with male prostitutes.

According to the madame, who has since moved her operation to Manhattan, Smith was a client for years.  She claims the first time she ever spoke with Smith she had to "reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion.”

“Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. I had 14 women working for me and two guys. You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys.”

Yeah, how 'bout that discretion?  If you can't trust a notorious madame to be discreet, who the hell can you trust?

Gay rumors have plagued Smith for years,  but until someone more credible than an anonymous madame comes forward with photos or video, we aren't biting.

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    Will Smith is a charismatic fella who has energy to burn, and I
    wouldn't put it past him to accept someone giving him "man love"
    these days. After all, he doesn't need to prove anything anymore,'
    he's married and with children. He's got a successful career in
    film, and he's very wealthy. I'm not playing devils advocate, but
    it's very possible that people like Will get bored with the day to day, and take on risks that seem edgy at the very least. He
    needs to be more spiritual since he has a family.


    Oh and another thing. Black people ain't special. You think the white man is the only evil in the world? Black people don't take the initiative to be evil like white people but we DAMN SURE FOLLOW. Which makes us just as stupid and evil as anybody else. We do the job better because we fall for their lies and make asses out of ourselves, which is the entire plan. They sit back and watch us degrade each other and enslave each other and kill each other off so that THEY WON'T TAKE THE BLAME OR CREDIT, and they don't have to do anything.


    Wow sharon, you put it to them, I sincerely agree! Wick, evil, beast they are!


    My goodness, I never realized there were such dumb people in this world. Do you folks believe every freakin piece of garbage and rumor some idiot starts up just to sell those trashy magazines. Sheeeeeeesh! What a bunch of idiots. Believe me, there is nothing Gay about Will Smith. Trust me, the man is in no way, shape form or fashion gay. I am going to take a wild guess that all of you bloggers must be White??? If I am right, then I can fully understand your comments, as you people are such a wicked and evil race of people, it goes without saying why you have a tendency to believe the worst about others. The reason why is that you yourselves do so many wicked, evil doings which is why you are apt to believe the same wickedness is in all others!!!


    Will Smith and Jada are swingers. Plus will Smith's public display of homosexualiy through the wearing of two earrings has always been a man's declaration of bisxuality. They're both homosexuals. Hollywood / movie industry has probably always been homosexual.
    Will is one of my favorite actos so it saddens me that he's bi. I think mostly everyone in Holly Wood is homosexual.


    i must say, your blog is very good, i will be checking back to read more


    I do not believe that either Will Smith nor Eddie Murphy are gay at all. These are just malicious lies that you and everyone else are spreading to try and "feel important."


    Really, who cares if Will is straight, Bi, or gay.
    He is a very handsome man and a fine actor!

    I hope I live long enough to see the day when Americans don't define people by their sexuality. Get a life folks! Most of you that worry the most about others sexuality all seem to be very sexually deprived, in my opinion.....Go find a playmate!


    Nope, Will Smith most certainly is Bisexual. One of my good friends is a producer at Fox, and is NOT someone that's into gossip or lying by any means...I've known this guy for a long time. He was at a party that Eddie Murphy was hosting, and the first thing that he noticed was the lack of any females at the party.

    Then, Will Smith was jumping on Eddie Murphy's lap acting gay, and my bud figured "Ah, he's just being funny." Later in the night, he was looking for a bathroom, opened up a door, and found Eddie Murphy boning Will Smith. I asked him how they reacted when they saw him, and he said "Do you think I'd be walking now if they did? But, they didn't, and I went and told everyone downstairs!" and we laughed about it.

    It's not hard to believe really, a good portion of Hollywood is Bi. And, I'd say the Hollywood Madame is an incredibly credible source--what does she gain by spreading B.S.? Not more money or fame, that's for sure.

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