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Saddam Hussein's Luxury Yacht for Sale (Photos)

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saddam huisseins luxury yacht

Saddam Hussein's yacht

Saddam Hussein's luxury yacht, Ocean Breeze, is for sale after a dispute over ownership has been settled.

Iraq's government spokesman Ali al Dabbagh issued a statement saying, "The cabinet has decided to sell the yacht of Saddam Hussein, docked in Nice (France), and the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs were responsible for the transaction."

The yacht was seized by French authorities in January after it docked in the Riviera city, and remained there while courts decided ownership.

A company part-owned by Jordan's King Abdullah claimed to be the legal owner.  A yacht broker acting on behalf of the company tried to sell the Ocean Breeze for a reported $35 million.

The Iraqi government successfully blocked the sale until ownership was decided.

When Jordan renounced claims to ownership in July, it cleared the way for Iraq to sell it.

The yacht is fitted with swimming pools, salons, a secret passage and a rocket launching system.

View more photos of Saddam Hussein's yacht below.

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well for 35M I would be forced to redecorate the floating funeral home... YUK! Looks like the boyfriends house after his divorce!