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Kimberlee Ouwroulis: 44-Year-Old Stripper Sues for Age Discrimination (Photos)

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 kimberly owroulis

Kimberlee Ouwroulis, a 44-year-old stripper, is suing Canadian strip club, New Locomotion, for age discrimination after being fired from her job as an exotic dancer.

Ouwroulis, who began stripping at age 40, says she was told by her manager "You're done here," on the same day another older woman was fired.  She alleges that the manager told her the club was going for a younger look.

Currently working as a dancer in another strip club, Ouwroulis says she plans to be in the business until she's 47 or 48.

While I admit she looks pretty good - in a stipper kinda way, her career path doesn't seem all that smart.  Stripping is the only business I can think of where the longer you are in it (and the older you get) the less money you'll likely make.

More photos of Kimberlee Ouwroulis below.

kimberlee owroulis stripperstripper kimberlee owroulis
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You and I look a lot a like. Would love to be in contact with u.


Kim, I too have just been told I am to old to be employed by a club in Houston TX. I am about to drop the bomb on this club.


I was in the booking business in Canada many years ago and booked the Locomotion. They must be very small minded there. I would have loved to promote someone like you back then. Have you ever heard of a dancer and now actress called Deauxma. You look fab and I'd be buying a lot of tables from you Bebe Jim


please post ur real sexy pics Kimberlee..these people are out there to malign u by posting such pics of u as old n fat...
u have my support 100%...u go gal!


Well; This is Kimberlee; The only complaints about from customers was after I was fired...they all wondered what happened to me; I was even told that by a manager after I was fired...when I noted alot of customers were complaining I'd been fired. I am very slim by the way. 115 lbs. at 5'5" this is size 3 or 4...but the Mississauga news story, well that was a pathetic pic., and I have to laugh....anyhow; thanks for you support.


I still dance, I am 48. But I am guessed at 30 something. I feel if she is still making money at the club and she doesn’t get insults from customers, then she should still be able to dance. I also think there is something for everyone. Not all men like very young. They feel like they are looking at their daughters. I feel it is not right anyway for an older man to be so attracted to such young ages like 18. I do feel however that you should look the part and if there is a physical problem such as over weight, I think that would be a bigger issue. Mona


No big deal...they don't allow fat cocktail waitresses at the casinos. It's all about fantasy.